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    excellent, Lucy, Mike, MikexSandy, Sandy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Lucy Mike MikexSandy Sandy Taeshi_(Artist) excellent (900x692, 1.3MB)

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    Oh my god i love this!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous #1 3 years ago.

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    Replaced the image with a smaller, colour-corrected version.

    SuitCase 3 years ago.

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    poor Lucy!!!!

    MeltedMarshmallows 3 years ago.

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    T-This... brilliance.

    Kuro 2 years ago.

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    @Kuro: *pats shoulder* Yes... it is...
    OMG THIZ IZ LIKE MY FAVEEEE PIC!!! It's a Wonderland. It must happen. It Must. This picture has converted many a nonbeliever.
    @Anonymoues #23: SHUN THE NONBELIEVER! SHUUUUUN! (everybody who comments in favor to this, write to Anonymous #23 "SHUN THE NONBELIEVER! SHUUUUUN!")

    PotterHead_jelly_bean 2 years ago.

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    Wait a second! You're not allowed ta post fan art of your own comic on your own image board! You'll make the rest of everyone look bad by comparison! X3

    JessicaIngmann 2 years ago.

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    The second-to-last, darkened one...Kuku...I bet Mike thinks about that aaaall the time.

    Dmitriy 2 years ago.

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    It would be nice if all of those things actually happened, especially the 2nd to last panel hehe

    ericruijun 2 years ago.

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    ;A; I was never proactively shipping MikexSandy, but I now am. I wanna see this. I wanna see Mike happy, and have a life with the girl he loves. :C And I of course I wanna see Lucy happy, but with Paulo. >.> Guh, my brain. This picture makes me have all the feels. ;u;

    Yaschiri 1 year ago.

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    And they lived happily ever after #^_^#

    Sambo 1 day ago.

    Jasmine, Katarayaka_(Artist)

    Jasmine Katarayaka_(Artist) (950x910, 292.7KB)

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    SpaceMouse 1 week ago.

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    Thank you so much! :33

    Katara00176 1 day ago.

    crossover, Daisy, Jasmine, Lucy, Raynaynay_(Artist), Sandy

    Daisy Jasmine Lucy Raynaynay_(Artist) Sandy crossover (1000x1000, 667.9KB)

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    Okay, it's a little rough around the edges but here's some princesses. The potential for me to do more like this relies solely on how many people enjoy this because it took a few hours. @_@ Also hope this hasn't been done before. If it has, sorry to the person that originally had this idea. xD

    Raynaynay 2 days ago.

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    xD I like this, it's cute~

    Yaschiri 2 days ago.

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    Love me some princess cats. But Lucy is the queen wich is why she has a crown. Jasmine is jasmine Daisy is Daisy sandy is sleeping beauty? Im not sure about lucy. Princess peach?

    bluefox 2 days ago.

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    Lucy is Aurora! Get your disneyprincesses right @Bluefox xP
    Als... Daisy is Belle from Beauty and the Beast, not Daisy, and this means less havign your Disney pricnesses right and more not even knowing what Daisy from Mario series dress looks like.

    LisaCat89 2 days ago.

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    @ Lisacat I got 2 out of 4 right.There's a reason I put that question mark thare. I don't even know who aurora is. daisys dress has that gem in the middle I remember and is similar to peaches so I went with those because her name is Daisy. And now I see the bell dress with the wave in it. Im a guy so I think I did okay. Maby you should draw some bittersweet princess to school me some more.

    bluefox 1 day ago.

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    If you're wondering why I put each kitty with each princess it's because Jasmine is obviously called Jasmine, Daisy likes to read and is quite adventurous, Lucy, like Aurora, was gifted with beauty and song, and Sandy's mother is tyrannical like Cinderella's stepmother. :3 I think I might do some more of these with Rachel, Jess, Tess etc.

    Raynaynay 1 day ago.

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    Also, if you're wondering why it looks lazy in some places where there's missed colour I uploaded the unedited version by accident ^_^;

    Raynaynay 1 day ago.

    crossover, Lucy, Rcrssmn_(Artist)

    Lucy Rcrssmn_(Artist) crossover (563x1000, 115.0KB)

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    I can't believe no one has commented on this yet

    Rcrssmn 2 weeks ago.

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    This picture has introduced me to that comic. Thank you for that.

    NasalDiabetes 2 days ago.

    Haley, Imp_(Artist), Jordan, JordanxHaley, Matt, MattxJordan

    Haley Imp_(Artist) Jordan JordanxHaley Matt MattxJordan (682x417, 170.6KB)

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    Haley and Jordan probably won't work as well, since they're two years apart. (Jordan is at Tess's age and Haley's at Jasmine's age)

    Radial 4 months ago.

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    oh I know i was just addressing how cute the pairings are but are more than likely not ever going to happen

    imp 4 months ago.

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    A whirlwind of unrequited love ;_;

    Holy cow I love the way you drew Matt here. I LOVE THE WAY YOU DREW EVERYONE AAAAA

    But seriously Matt gives me trouble but you nailed it

    Taeshi 4 months ago.

    Comment ID #60976

    But what about Jordands forgotten girlfriend Tiff???

    LisaCat89 4 months ago.

    Comment ID #60979

    She probably broke up with him after he couldn't go to the party.

    Really like your style!

    __noname__ 4 months ago.

    Comment ID #60980

    Tiff and Jordan are very will they/won't they

    (He actually asks Matt about her in the previous chapter, in vague terms................)

    Taeshi 4 months ago.

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    MimiChan 4 months ago.

    Comment ID #62662

    Totally understand! I just cannot choose?!?!?!?! TT^TT

    Yumcandycaramel 2 days ago.

    Box_(Artist), Jasmine, Paulo

    Box_(Artist) Jasmine Paulo (1030x520, 83.4KB)

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    Nice. Jasmin looks a bit lagomorphic in the first panel, though.

    Geist 5 days ago.

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    Yaaaaay. Good Jasmine.

    And Geist, rabbits are cool too I guess.

    Ace 4 days ago.

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    good concept well executed

    SuitCase 3 days ago.

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    @Ace Very much so. Rabbits rock!

    Geist 2 days ago.

    Amaya, Rachel, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Amaya Rachel Taeshi_(Artist) (866x576, 229.8KB)

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    Commission from Connecticon 2014. The movie they're seeing? Lucy.

    gardnaeden 3 days ago.

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    Er mah Gerrrrrd soooo Kewt!! :love: :love: :love:

    Seriously though, this is adorable! Plushies!! I want a Rachel Plushie!! Wish I had the skills to make one. Cest la vie :P

    kaminari683 3 days ago.

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    Yayyyy I'm glad you uploaded this ;__; I think this one looked really nice, and I ended up going for a bit of a messier more watercolory style so I enjoyed doing it.

    Taeshi 3 days ago.

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    >The movie they're seeing? Lucy.

    SuitCase 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #62660

    Well, I'm glad you made it and enjoyed making it, Tae. :D

    gardnaeden 3 days ago.

    David, DavidxSue, JEMCIV_(Artist), Sue

    David DavidxSue JEMCIV_(Artist) Sue (392x600, 56.9KB)

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    David can pull off that dress for sure!

    kitkatmuffin 6 days ago.

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    8-D pie n cheese FTW 8-D

    Comment ID #62654

    oh baby

    I love this

    Taeshi 4 days ago.

    Lucy, Qutili_(Artist)

    Lucy Qutili_(Artist) (1000x1000, 289.3KB)

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    jpark17 5 days ago.

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    Man I love the colouring and texture you did! Looks penciley!!

    Taeshi 4 days ago.

    Daisy, edit, gardnaeden_(Artist), Paulo

    Daisy Paulo edit gardnaeden_(Artist) (800x280, 123.5KB)

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    Daisy has mad ventriloquism skills.

    gardnaeden 1 week ago.

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    Wiishu 1 week ago.

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    Paulo Wins

    Flawless Victory


    SCD 1 week ago.

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    sky6799 4 days ago.

    Comment ID #62650

    Paulo's skill turns heads.

    MaronaPossessed 4 days ago.

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