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    Lucy, October_Stream, parody, Paulo, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Lucy October_Stream Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) parody (1100x825, 420.6KB)

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    There's a game called Crazy Taxi. This is a BCB version of the cover art.

    Phaeton 3 days ago.

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    Love how this turned out.

    shamro 3 days ago.

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    blaze33405 3 days ago.

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    Holy crap. I didn't realize this was The Offspring when I played the game.

    Daffyhat 3 days ago.

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    Don't forget Bad Religion was in that game too!

    NathanTDrummer 3 days ago.

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    I need this game.

    safarisucks 3 days ago.

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    I have/love this game

    PepeLePew 2 days ago.

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    I went to Youtube and found all the songs from the game. My God, nearly all my favorite small-name 90's bands did a song for this.

    Daffyhat 17 hours ago.

    blood, Lucy, October_Stream, Sandy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Lucy October_Stream Sandy Taeshi_(Artist) blood (1100x825, 337.0KB)

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    In which Lucy tries to win Mike's affection through...alternate means.

    Phaeton 3 days ago.

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    I wanted to cry at how well this turned out. So happy with how this turned out.

    I always liked to imagine a very desperate Lucy going to the extreme for Mike's affections... like scalping Sandy and trying becoming more like her in the hopes he'll love her like he loves Sandy.

    Request description:
    "Lucy, "facing the camera" view, lurching forward, covered in blood on her hands, forearms, chest, and stomach. There are streams of blood running down her face from entire top of Sandy's scalp that she stitched to her own head (hair, blue bow, and ears). You can kinda see the bumps on Sandy's scalp where Lucy's ears are covered. Lucy is not wearing her pink bow, but she is wearing Sandy's necklace. She has a sad, desperate, and crazy look on her face. She asks "Do you love me now, Mi-Maishul?" or something like that where she catches herself almost saying "Mike". Imagine it's like she's approaching Mike, but I don't really want him in the picture, you know?"

    ChewySmokey 3 days ago.

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    This is basically BCB's Cupcakes. Except I guess it's more than just pure cruelty to everyone in general.

    modulusshift 3 days ago.

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    This is wonderful.

    bluefox 3 days ago.

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    I don't get what it is about these macabre pictures.

    I should hate them, but they're.... attractive(?) in a way. Uuuuugh why dost thee tempest at mine darkest corners of the inner miiiind.

    Rystrika 3 days ago.

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    The only words that come to mind is 'Oh my gosh'

    Taizen 3 days ago.

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    Or, thinking about it, maybe it's dead-psycho Lucy.

    Rystrika 2 days ago.

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    TrappedLikeCats 1 day ago.

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    I've honestly always thought about this

    Box 1 day ago.

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    I'm ready for Hell, now.

    Daffyhat 17 hours ago.

    McCain, October_Stream, Sue, Taeshi_(Artist)

    McCain October_Stream Sue Taeshi_(Artist) (1100x825, 337.9KB)

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    McCain is meant to be having trouble staying on, due to his lack of belief in magic.

    Phaeton 3 days ago.

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    Sambo 2 days ago.

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    "Shut it, McCain."

    Daffyhat 17 hours ago.

    Daisy, Lucy, Mike, October_Stream, parody, Paulo, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Daisy Lucy Mike October_Stream Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) parody (1100x825, 411.3KB)

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    BCB as fairy tails characters

    Gnukko 3 days ago.

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    Thank you Taeshi! I love this so much c:

    halenahr 3 days ago.

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    I saw Lucy as Erza but I guess Lucy as well... Lucy made too much sense! XD

    The_Mylestone 3 days ago.

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    sky6799 2 days ago.

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    I'm surprised Mike still has his shirt on.

    Daffyhat 17 hours ago.

    Abbey, Jasmine, Lucy, October_Stream, parody, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Abbey Jasmine Lucy October_Stream Taeshi_(Artist) parody (739x561, 273.8KB)

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    Rescued by DeliPeli and modulusshift!

    SuitCase 3 days ago.

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    Good Job you two!

    Keno 3 days ago.

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    This is so adorable! Thank you taeshi!! Sorry I couldn't watch it get done.

    Bridgeotto 3 days ago.

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    I really feel like I should know what this is a parody of.

    Daffyhat 17 hours ago.

    edit, Taeshi_(Artist), Total_Recall, zeottur_(Artist)

    Taeshi_(Artist) Total_Recall edit zeottur_(Artist) (800x4851, 522.2KB)

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    I just wanted to make pages 26 and 27 as a continuous page. Maybe an uncreative edit but hey, I tried :P

    zeottur 6 days ago.

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    That's actually pretty seamless, I can't really tell where each page begins/ends. :) Good job~

    Yaschiri 6 days ago.

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    Oh yeah I forgot VERO YOU MONSTER.

    Daffyhat 3 days ago.

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    ^Is it too late to take this back?

    Daffyhat 17 hours ago.

    Abbey, Augustus, Daisy, Lucy, Mike, Sandy

    Abbey Augustus Daisy Lucy Mike Sandy (1955x514, 866.1KB)

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    can i just tell you guys how accurate this game is

    Sheichii 2 days ago.

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    @Sheichii: Soooooo accurate. Why, it's practically writing the story itself!!

    Rystrika 20 hours ago.

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    You have no idea how badly I want this to become reality.

    Daffyhat 17 hours ago.

    Daisy, Lucy, Minecraft, parody, pixel_art, xMakeItRain94_(Artist)

    Daisy Lucy Minecraft parody pixel_art xMakeItRain94_(Artist) (1920x1057, 701.1KB)

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    First attempt at one of the art taken from the stream Last weekend. Lemme know what you think :D

    xMakeItRain94 23 hours ago.

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    How long did that take you?

    HelTH 22 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63597

    @HeITH: Ive been working on this and 2 others since about 2am (UK Time) and only finished them there about an hr ago (12:37pm UK Time)

    xMakeItRain94 22 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63598

    Wow, man... This looks like it took waaaayyy too long! I applaud your effort.

    WafflezNeedsSleep 21 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63606

    Nice dude. Props points for you.

    Daffyhat 17 hours ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxLucy, kittens, Lucy, October_Stream, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Augustus AugustusxLucy Lucy October_Stream Taeshi_(Artist) kittens (1100x825, 356.4KB)

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    Selef 3 days ago.

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    I found the perfect song for this

    NuttyBunny 3 days ago.

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    Such an upbeat kid from such drama-storms :P

    Sambo 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #63582

    Cute kid

    Takes after her Mother.....

    PepeLePew 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #63605

    It starts like this:
    http://www.bittersweetcandybowl.com/candybooru/post/view/8587?search=Augu stusxLucy
    Next is this:
    After a while this happens:
    http://www.bittersweetcandybowl.com/candybooru/post/view/8717?search=L ucy
    And now we're at the happy ending ;)

    Selef 18 hours ago.

    Mike, MikexSandy, October_Stream, Sandy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Mike MikexSandy October_Stream Sandy Taeshi_(Artist) (1280x960, 296.0KB)

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    Mike and Sandy going to the same school? :question:

    Gotnothin 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #63574

    I guess it would be possible if Maishul moved away, but that would only happen in an alternative universe. :unsure:

    Zugai 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #63586

    Like I said in the stream, this is damn gorgeous.

    ChewySmokey 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #63604

    Wow, this is my request!
    It's better than I could have ever imagined! It looks absolutely amazing!

    The request was MikexSandy, but with both of them wearing the uniform from Sandy's high school

    Jeryon 19 hours ago.

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