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    crossover, Lucy, October_Stream, Paulo, PauloxLucy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Lucy October_Stream Paulo PauloxLucy Taeshi_(Artist) crossover (1100x825, 342.4KB)

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    Snubble lucy bites hard. And is cute.

    bluefox 9 hours ago.

    crossover, Lucy, Soleil_(Artist)

    Lucy Soleil_(Artist) crossover (576x715, 362.3KB)

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    This is my first fanart upload! I'm still getting used to using a tablet ^^;; but I hope you all like it.
    I was watching the drawing stream and they got to talking about south park for a moment...Someone in the chat said Lucy would be Craig, and one thing led to another, and so here is Lucy as Craig from South Park!

    Soleil 12 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63409

    XD I remember that conversation. Looks amazing btw.

    xMakeItRain94 12 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63412

    Wonderful colours

    SuitCase 9 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63413

    Oh yeah! I was the one who said that Lucy would be Craig. Great drawing!

    Jair 9 hours ago.

    Daisy, JEMCIV_(Artist), Mike

    Daisy JEMCIV_(Artist) Mike (600x532, 82.3KB)

    Comment ID #63406

    Poor Mike he is going to die from fat Daisy over feeding him D:

    Gotnothin 13 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63408

    That's a fat Daisy. At least she has big boobs now.

    bluefox 12 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63411

    Fat princess who is the enemy teams Fat Princess?

    baron_von_jiggly 10 hours ago.

    AbbeyxDaisy, AugustusxLucy, DavidxSue, kittens, PauloxRachel, Zephyr_(Artist)

    AbbeyxDaisy AugustusxLucy DavidxSue PauloxRachel Zephyr_(Artist) kittens (1200x896, 533.6KB)

    Comment ID #63405

    First upload. Shoddy doodle I drew while watching Taeshi's stream.

    Zephyr 17 hours ago.

    edit, Taeshi_(Artist), Total_Recall, zeottur_(Artist)

    Taeshi_(Artist) Total_Recall edit zeottur_(Artist) (800x4851, 522.2KB)

    Comment ID #63402

    I just wanted to make pages 26 and 27 as a continuous page. Maybe an uncreative edit but hey, I tried :P

    zeottur 19 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63403

    That's actually pretty seamless, I can't really tell where each page begins/ends. :) Good job~

    Yaschiri 19 hours ago.

    JayGamer_(Artist), Matt, Paulo

    JayGamer_(Artist) Matt Paulo (1024x768, 202.0KB)

    Comment ID #63394

    Spoiler Alert!!1!

    JayGamer 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #63395

    Git rekt nerd.

    zeottur 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #63396

    GOD let's hope that's not how it ends! D:

    The_Mylestone 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #63400

    Haha yes :)

    Skylight 2 days ago.

    Daisy, muffinmadness_(Artist)

    Daisy muffinmadness_(Artist) (1258x714, 38.0KB)

    Comment ID #63374

    Awwww! She looks so fluffy and I really love her expression!

    TinyBabbu 6 days ago.

    Comment ID #63399


    muffinmadness 2 days ago.

    Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy Taeshi_(Artist) (631x1005, 181.5KB)

    Comment ID #59793

    all of my dawwww ;_;

    Hibou 11 months ago.

    Comment ID #59810

    def setting this as my phone background

    TrappedLikeCats 11 months ago.

    Comment ID #59868

    Love this so much!

    Espeon 11 months ago.

    Comment ID #63392

    Awwwwwww ;_; That looks amazing

    xMakeItRain94 3 days ago.

    MimiChan_(Artist), Paulo

    MimiChan_(Artist) Paulo (600x700, 324.2KB)

    Comment ID #63350

    some crying paulo art trade with MeiiO!

    its really hard to draw crying paulo tbh
    and the hand could be lucy or rachel, idk imagine what you want! had fun :D

    MimiChan 2 weeks ago.

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    MeiiO 2 weeks ago.

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    SpaceMouse 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #63362

    Oh buck up Paulo.....l. 8-)

    PepeLePew 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #63370

    Oh my god this is amazing .___.

    shadow_senta 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #63389

    t-thank everyone

    MimiChan 4 days ago.

    human, jpark17_(Artist), Lucy

    Lucy human jpark17_(Artist) (820x1164, 345.9KB)

    Comment ID #63372

    Well... I tried

    jpark17 6 days ago.

    Comment ID #63373

    and I just noticed I spell disappear wrong haha fuuuuu

    jpark17 6 days ago.

    Comment ID #63388


    MimiChan 4 days ago.

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