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    Daisy, Dummy_(Artist), Lucy

    Daisy Dummy_(Artist) Lucy (870x461, 184.9KB)

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    drooldummy 5 days ago.

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    Daisy organising a LET'S PLAY WITH OUR HAIR date with Jessica and a begrudging lucy.................

    This is so cute aaaaa I love the stars on the eyes ;__; Can I ask what program you use to get the really nice brush effects going? I have no clue how to get a nice brush effect at all on photoshop (that might be the problem if you use Sai assdf NO SAI FOR MAC) and seem to just sink back to pencil when it comes to colouring which sucks because traditional has SPOILED ME ROTTEN, i want to digitally paint things like watercolours!!!

    so i always just.. stare at these drawings

    have to absorb

    Taeshi 5 days ago.

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    @taeshi aha well I hate to tell you this, but I do indeed use sai for basically..everything. ahaha ;-; but if you still want to know, all I ever use is the marker and eraser tool!! I rely heavily on my pen pressure to make soft looking lines @-@. I think if you look around in tumblr, there might be some good photoshop brush settings flying around!!
    Also thank you taeshi ehehe

    drooldummy 5 days ago.

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    The styles should be switched, I feel. Daisy's curly hair would hold braids better. (I always imagine her with more toward kinky-curly fur though, which would hold braids well.)

    Naoki 3 days ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxLucy, Lucy, Witacurr_(Artist)

    Augustus AugustusxLucy Lucy Witacurr_(Artist) (734x300, 56.4KB)

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    Like many people, I jumped on the AugustusxLucy wagon. And while it may never happen, here I will stay until it crashes and burns~ I like to think he regrets not letting Lucy on the bus, even just a little bit. And that he was angry when that dog elbowed her out of the way.

    ...I'm clinging to something, leave me alone. Also, I am done embarrassing myself for now. *dances away*

    Witacurr 5 days ago.

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    I enjoy his expression. It says "I don't want to care, yet for some reason I do care".

    Nenekiri 5 days ago.

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    maximum approval

    Taeshi 5 days ago.

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    EGG 5 days ago.

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    This is good. I'm not much of a FF cat x Lucy shipper, but I like this.

    Daffyhat 4 days ago.

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    Augustus is thinking about that bow and tail.

    bluefox 4 days ago.

    baron_von_jiggly_(Artist), Mike

    Mike baron_von_jiggly_(Artist) (1000x1000, 129.3KB)

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    I have been a fan of BCB for years now so i decided to wait until i felt i was good enough to actually make any fan art

    baron_von_jiggly 5 days ago.

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    It looks great :love: :love:

    Rcrssmn 4 days ago.

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    Awwwww what a super cutie he is ;____; I like this a lot!!

    Taeshi 4 days ago.

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    Nice cute happy mike. Take that mike haters.

    bluefox 4 days ago.

    Ciffy_(Artist), Lucy, Sandy

    Ciffy_(Artist) Lucy Sandy (1000x708, 172.2KB)

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    Love their expressions!!

    Taeshi 4 days ago.

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    See Lucy? Sandy told you her dress would fit. Girls night out on the town now.

    bluefox 4 days ago.

    JayGamer_(Artist), Sandy

    JayGamer_(Artist) Sandy (1083x1024, 382.5KB)

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    i haven't been uploading because i forgot how to procrastinate, but now it's the holidays so DRAWDRAWDRAW
    I'm trying out a new style sorta thing, so CRITICISE AWAAAAY

    JayGamer 6 days ago.

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    It's so Cute :love: :love: :love:

    _sorry_girl_ 5 days ago.

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    Awwwwww that's adorable!! I really adore the style, though if you want me to critique I feel the legs and arms are a bit too long comparable to the body? The crotch sorta feels.. drawn in like it was picked there with no prior body planning, like is there a sketch of the body before the limbs are added? That can help a lot. Probably just me though, but something about it gives me that vibe. I still really like it!!

    Sorry if what I say makes no sense, but with the new style I've been trying out I keep falling into that problem, like the body just feels too short and I'd redraw it. Helps to draw the shape first!

    Taeshi 5 days ago.

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    It's cute. And yea long legs and arms. The head and face look really nice and detailed.

    bluefox 5 days ago.

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    Alright criticism it is,
    You have a very nice clean style, the lines are clean and you did a great job at getting the light source down. The shadows are nicely in place and the style you have is cute and cartoony its really refreshing.
    As said before the proportions of parts of the body are essential
    The arms are fine, if the character was standing upwards the arms would comfortably rest at the hips as intended so thats good
    The legs seem to be ok too however the torso is the only issue that can be solved easily
    Its really short well stumpy, can't find the word, but it feels odd because of how it doesn't keep some proportion it just feels as if the leg is going to connect to the neck and the breast is just sitting there. You should just lengthen the torso just a bit to show so that it still has some body ratio. It doesn't have to be too much either just enough so that the legs don't appear to be connected to the breast or neck. But besides that your style is clean, sweet, and adorable. The colors very nice the shadows and highlights are well done and I can't wait to see more of this style.
    I hope this helped and if I came off rude im sorry ><"

    imp 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #61010

    Hey all,
    Thank you SO much for the criticism! This image was a bit of an experiment; the body proportions are obviously the biggest problem according to you guys, so I'll work on resizing the torso and limbs while still trying to keep the particular cartoony style I'm trying to achieve.
    Once again, thanks guys.
    (Also Imp, you didn't come off as rude, don't worry :P

    JayGamer 5 days ago.

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    Striife 5 days ago.

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    The proportions aren't a problem, I think it adds a new set of variety to Candybooru

    Rcrssmn 4 days ago.

    EGG_(Artist), HappyCat_(Artist), Lucy

    EGG_(Artist) HappyCat_(Artist) Lucy (512x512, 25.0KB)

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    That is where Lucy went to missing, dude.
    DUDE, You can give me some requests too!

    EGG 5 days ago.

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    Yes it is HappyCat_(artist) Because she gave me extra sweet comments. I really want repay to her favor. ;v;

    EGG 5 days ago.

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    LOL Lucy is amazing. I love this. ;u;

    Yaschiri 5 days ago.

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    Bwabwabwa you are the sweetest thing ever, you really didn't have to draw me ahhhh ;____;
    This is super cute!!

    HappyCat 4 days ago.

    Lucy, Witacurr_(Artist)

    Lucy Witacurr_(Artist) (600x800, 102.8KB)

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    I'm not good at drawing cats I am so sorry. OTL

    Witacurr 5 days ago.

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    This looks so great though!! I love the way you did her expression!

    Taeshi 5 days ago.

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    asdfghjkl. *cough* I mean, thank you~ Soverymuch.

    Witacurr 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #61024

    This is pretty lovely.

    bluefox 5 days ago.

    MrNoName_(Artist), Paulo

    MrNoName_(Artist) Paulo (1200x1200, 268.9KB)

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    Just a fun drawing.. I don't do cel-shading that much.. So that's something. Anyway.. don't ask me what I was thinking because I have no idea myself.

    MrNoName 1 week ago.

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    "do you even lift"

    Taeshi 1 week ago.

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    I'm going to put this into my wallpaper folder because I need this on my desktop constantly.

    Yaschiri 1 week ago.

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    Word indeed Paulo.

    June-pay_Eeyorey 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #60993

    bird is the word?

    Nenekiri 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #61016

    oh ym go d im crygin

    Striife 5 days ago.

    Lisa_(Artist), Sue

    Lisa_(Artist) Sue (504x586, 89.9KB)

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    Guess you wanted to make a clean version.

    Paniskio 1 week ago.

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    reminded me of the Amaya one, so yeah. haha

    LisaCat89 1 week ago.

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    "Guess what's under the cloth! I'll give you a hint, it's the finger."

    Radial 1 week ago.

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    Can I get a vowel on that too?

    Paniskio 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #60994

    I can not stop thinking that she is holding McCain's coat 8-D

    Mil_Faces 6 days ago.

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    10/10 Lisa

    Meowth 5 days ago.

    Daisy, MissyMossy_(Artist)

    Daisy MissyMossy_(Artist) (1246x1170, 118.5KB)

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    Daisy is the poof lord, lord of poof. ;_;

    MissyMossy 1 week ago.

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    Ah, I forgot her pearl necklace.

    MissyMossy 1 week ago.

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    Curls much.

    bluefox 1 week ago.

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    I love that face

    Taeshi 5 days ago.

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