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    blood, Daisy, Luis_(Artist), pixel_art, weapon

    Daisy Luis_(Artist) blood pixel_art weapon (46x70, 1.2KB)

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    its like the one of mike

    luis 4 years ago.

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    Chazfullmetal 4 years ago.

    Abbey, Blur, Carson, Chirpy, Daisy, David, Lily, Lucy, Luis_(Artist), Mike, Sandy, Tess, Yashy

    Abbey Blur Carson Chirpy Daisy David Lily Lucy Luis_(Artist) Mike Sandy Tess Yashy (480x360, 58.9KB)

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    Chazfullmetal 4 years ago.

    Captain_Whosit_(Artist), Daisy

    Captain_Whosit_(Artist) Daisy (700x1098, 282.7KB)

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    Anonymous #1 4 years ago.

    Crest-dragon_(Artist), Lucy

    Crest-dragon_(Artist) Lucy (624x832, 218.6KB)

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    to tiny head

    Anonymous #2 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #1553

    Yea, very tiny

    Anonymous #3 4 years ago.

    Lucy, Mike

    Lucy Mike (653x765, 205.2KB)

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    Ahh, cat porn be a harsh mistress.

    Anonymous #4 4 years ago.

    Evilkenny_(Artist), Lucy

    Evilkenny_(Artist) Lucy (558x819, 61.3KB)

    Comment ID #1397

    drawing phail

    Anonymous #5 4 years ago.

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    Chazfullmetal 4 years ago.

    Amaya, Starberry115_(Artist), Sue, SuexAmaya

    Amaya Starberry115_(Artist) Sue SuexAmaya (440x800, 87.3KB)

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    Best supporting characters, excluding McCain :3

    SkylineFaux 4 years ago.

    Angel_the_Deranged_(Artist), Sandy

    Angel_the_Deranged_(Artist) Sandy (1230x467, 504.6KB)

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    Is there a tag for ****** art yet?

    Knight 4 years ago.

    Daisy, David, Lily, Lucy, Mike, Paulo, Sandy, Tess, YYC_(Artist)

    Daisy David Lily Lucy Mike Paulo Sandy Tess YYC_(Artist) (720x432, 65.7KB)

    Comment ID #1416

    The better photo

    YanYang 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #1417

    Sleeping Mike in the top right corner is so adorable x3 I love how you drew Tess!

    Skygaze 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #1424

    nice one

    Chazfullmetal 4 years ago.

    Carter, Evan_(Artist), Lucy

    Carter Evan_(Artist) Lucy (473x448, 14.9KB)

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    Anonymous #6 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #1392

    car-haq (lol)

    Anonymous #7 4 years ago.

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