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    Lucy, Skittz_(Artist)

    Lucy Skittz_(Artist) (500x748, 148.7KB)

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    Here's the colored version c:

    Skittz 1 month ago.

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    Selef 1 month ago.

    Amaya, Augustus, AugustusxDaisy, BCB_Art_Meme, Chirpy, Daisy, David, Jessica, Katie, Lily, Lucy, Mike, MikexSandy, Mintan_(Artist), Sandy, Yashy

    Amaya Augustus AugustusxDaisy BCB_Art_Meme Chirpy Daisy David Jessica Katie Lily Lucy Mike MikexSandy Mintan_(Artist) Sandy Yashy (720x5406, 2.0MB)

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    I totally approve this meme XD

    EvilKitty3 10 months ago.

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    Just lol'd a that MikexDaisy.

    __noname__ 10 months ago.

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    mikexdaisy panel is so great hahahaha, and TURBO SPEED

    I love this aaaa thank you

    Taeshi 10 months ago.

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    AWESOME! And woo for AugustusXDaisy! ;)

    GoggleHat 10 months ago.

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    SpaceMouse 10 months ago.

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    wow, this is one of the best meme i seen

    kiki 10 months ago.

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    Oh lawd, thanks a lot!!! ;_;

    mintan 10 months ago.

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    Love the art style!

    shamro 1 month ago.

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    I ADORE your style!! Some of those faces made me laugh out loud! XD

    TinyBabbu 1 month ago.

    gamergrl18_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, MikexLucy

    Lucy Mike MikexLucy gamergrl18_(Artist) (1224x1632, 338.3KB)

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    This is beautiful! I love the symbolism of the cord.

    Sambo 1 month ago.

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    Thnx :)

    gamergrl18 1 month ago.

    BlazingT08_(Artist), Daisy, Lucy, Mike, Paulo

    BlazingT08_(Artist) Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo (788x591, 560.9KB)

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    So sorry for the guidelines existing D: this is the first time i've ever uploaded anything here care to give a poor stranger tips 8-D

    BlazingT08 2 months ago.

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    these are so adorable :love:

    baron_von_jiggly 2 months ago.

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    I agree with jiggly. Expecially the tongue ones.

    bluefox 2 months ago.

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    Thanks guys :D

    BlazingT08 2 months ago.

    Comment ID #63773

    I think these drawings just gave me diabetes.

    shamro 2 months ago.

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    the "please don't leave me" and the "tell me I'm pretty" ones kinda creep me out especially cause they're smiling but the art is adorable.

    safarisucks 1 month ago.

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    Space core!! Nice portal 2 ref. Super adorable style too!

    Wiishu 1 month ago.

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    Sambo 1 month ago.

    edit, Mike, Paulo, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Mike Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) edit (447x251, 214.5KB)

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    This was obvious!
    Somesone was going to do this...

    randomdice 1 month ago.

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    The_Mylestone 1 month ago.

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    As soon as I saw this I said, "Good."

    Yaschiri 1 month ago.

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    Tsundere dere dere dere

    MissyMossy 1 month ago.

    Minecraft, Paulo, pixel_art, xMakeItRain94_(Artist)

    Minecraft Paulo pixel_art xMakeItRain94_(Artist) (1920x1017, 556.3KB)

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    SuitCase 1 month ago.

    Comment ID #63819

    Ehhh I was gonna do something else and ended up thinking: "HRmmm.... I got a right mind to do the Paulo x Human thing out in pixel art" and 3.5hrs later this happened :P

    xMakeItRain94 1 month ago.

    Comment ID #63838

    We all know these are done by program

    The jig's up bro

    shinysugar 1 month ago.

    Anbellz_(Artist), Daisy

    Anbellz_(Artist) Daisy (592x667, 605.7KB)

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    bringing paulo some hw because hospitalization doesn't mean he has an excuse to miss hw

    also a friendly reminder that daisy is forever qtest bcb

    Anbellz 1 month ago.

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    It doesn't need any more tags, just so you know.

    Otherwise, very cute Daisy!

    Yaschiri 1 month ago.

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    Oh, wait, needed your name too, added it for you. (:

    Still super cute Daisy. <3

    Yaschiri 1 month ago.

    Comment ID #63835


    Mod fix that please, and I'll just not touch goddamn tags.

    Yaschiri 1 month ago.

    Comment ID #63837

    This is a cute Daisy. She would definitely be the one bringing paulo school work. But really Daisy is not that skinny. She is a bit chunky. She only wishes she had curves like that ;_;.

    bluefox 1 month ago.

    animated, Bcb_brawl, JEMCIV_(Artist), Paulo, Zidanerfox1337_(Artist)

    Bcb_brawl JEMCIV_(Artist) Paulo Zidanerfox1337_(Artist) animated (600x800, 210.0KB)

    Comment ID #63801

    Paulo here is ready to kick some (mike) ***, thanks again to JEMCIV for the original picture, one step closer to finishing the game XD D:, btw i know, paulo tail grows, realized late, too tired now, goodnight

    Zidanerfox1337 1 month ago.

    Comment ID #63802

    Perhaps the tail is just poofing up like cats do when ready to fight

    MiwAuturu 1 month ago.

    Comment ID #63830

    I call dibs on the playtest!

    Daffyhat 1 month ago.

    Daisy, Lucy, Mintan_(Artist)

    Daisy Lucy Mintan_(Artist) (816x479, 279.1KB)

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    Daisy so sassy!

    Pirinja03 1 month ago.

    Comment ID #63826

    Too adorable.

    shamro 1 month ago.

    HelTH_(Artist), Jessica, JessicaxLucyxSandy, Lucy, Sandy

    HelTH_(Artist) Jessica JessicaxLucyxSandy Lucy Sandy (964x970, 90.0KB)

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    A mostly heraldic composition. It took me a while to finish; their heads are so big I had a hard time getting them closer together. Started with 4 characters, but I thought it looked cuter with just 3. I had drawn a sketch of it in a lined notebook and then I used tracing paper several times to refine it. Then I scanned it and printed back out enlarged then I used a fork to trace a guide on to a piece of paper supposedly designed for pens (guess they didn’t mean calligraphy pens since it actually bled a little into the paper). :/

    HelTH 1 month ago.

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