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Candybooru image #10208, tagged with Daisy choco_(Artist) delete_me


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been playing around in clip studio paint uvu

choco 2 months ago.

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Oh man I love how you did her body type, it’s perfect! Little peach baby ;__; Her smile is so cute and I love the little sparkles on her pearls, eeeeee!! So cute


Taeshi 2 months ago.

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This is adorable!! I love her colorful pearls and the background :D

faune 2 months ago.

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@Taeshi wahh Taeshi!! THANK YOUUU ;_____; fhoushdoufhsduf I wasn't proud of this, but I wanted to post it anyway ;o;!! thank you so much ;_;

@faune thank you ;__; that means a lot!

choco 2 months ago.