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Candybooru image #4833, tagged with Abbey Augustus Daisy David Knux_the_Killer_(Artist) Lucy Paulo Taeshi


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That's better :)

First time trying the new eye style.

Knux-the-Killer 4 years ago.

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I like the new eye style. Didn't really have a problem with last one either, but this looks nice.

DeuceMoose 4 years ago.

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Panda 4 years ago.

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Your handwriting is neat, just impossible to read.

Codysseus 4 years ago.

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I like this, I like it a lot, but I have a hard time with your handwriting. other than that, fantastic job, knux.

johnny_hurricane 4 years ago.

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In case you can't read the lines due my handwriting:

Daisy: Aw, this was been fun.
Abbey: Yeah, agreed!
Taeshi: Yo, so how's the chap?
Daisy: Too much pressure, but glad it ended well..
Abbey: I LOVED IT!!!
David: Aw, FFcat there's still time to retrive your Aerith (or whatever that girl from FFVII is called) from the president...
Augustus: Whatever. Btw, what's FF?
Rachel: Sorry about that, there's others girls next time....are you free next friday?
Augustus: Meow.
Paulo: Enjoying being dumped, epic charmer?
Augustus: Look at me crying rivers.
Lucy: Ah y-
Augustus: DO I look giving it a **** for you?
Taeshi: So...err...you ok?
Augustus: .....(walks away)

Knux-the-Killer 4 years ago.

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I love it, and the new style is nice

Tabris 4 years ago.

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I like the way you drew this and the drawing is fine, but I don't get what is going on?!!

toyotami 4 years ago.

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aww poor Augutus.......
need some tomato on Abby face? XD (i guess it candybooru joke)

holyXcross 4 years ago.

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this is very funny

Migrant 4 years ago.

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:question:couldnt read it but still
lolololololololololololol XD

arina1234 3 years ago.

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Outside a warrior, inside a lonely kid...
Yep, reminds me definitely of FF XD

SinaiTigers 3 years ago.