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Candybooru image #5334, tagged with 9573_(Artist) Mike parody weapon


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Trying out this web application http://muro.deviantart.com/
It's a scene from Harry Potter (movie) 7 pt.2
I found a pic here [url]http://images.wikia.com/villains/images/6/6c/NevilleStrikesAtNagini.jpg[/ur l]
I chose this because I recently saw the movie and f***ing love the scene.
Also i love monochromacy

9573 4 years ago.

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Dramatic :O
I love the Pointilism(?)

MildlyConcerned 4 years ago.

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but the large pic looks kinda crappy
i think i'll resize it
later xD

9573 4 years ago.

Comment ID #43625

Having trouble distinguishing what it's all about, I don't think it needs that dotty effect, whatever it is.

SushiJaguar 4 years ago.

Comment ID #43671

If Mike was Harry Potter does that make Alejandro Voldemort?

ThatGuy 4 years ago.