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Candybooru image #7093, tagged with BagPaulo_(Artist) Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy


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This is one of the few heterosexual pairings I approve of and am obsessed with. After I saw the latest page I was like, "OHHHH HEEELLLLLLL YEAHHHHHHHH NAH WAI HE WOULDN'T OH MY GEWRD." I jizzed rainbow glitter for a couple of seconds after that. First time posting something here. Derp. Derp.

BagPaulo 3 years ago.

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gay gay gay

SuitCase 3 years ago.

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Looks straight to me, Suitcase. O.o Cute too. :D

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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Thanks! <3

BagPaulo 2 years ago.

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BagPaulo 2 years ago.