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Candybooru image #7167, tagged with Augustus Pirari_(Artist) human


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hello friends i am here
i made a fic to go with this but my english sucks do i don't know


Pirari 3 years ago.

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Okay, no, the English in the fic isn't as bad as my english here but just so you know ;)

Pirari 3 years ago.

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<img src="http://i.imgbox.com/acw2EC0H.png">
and then sometimes i make things like these

Pirari 3 years ago.

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i hate everything

Pirari 3 years ago.

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Well done Pirari. I salute you. Even though I do not enjoy reading about how Daisy dies, I think that the fanfic was pretty well written. I love the symbolism in the picture with all the daisies and the bleeding heart.

And then again I always do enjoy seeing some of those "and then sometimes I make these"

Shayren 3 years ago.

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Really? 0v0 Thank you :D I was feeling kind of lonely here orz

Seriously though my friend too said she would be terrified if that thing came after her in a dark alleyway haha

Pirari 3 years ago.