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Candybooru image #7491, tagged with Akacatgirl_(Artist) Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo


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Bittersweet Candy Manga))

DarknestOne 2 years ago.

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Here I thought Mike was the bitter one and Lucy was the sweet one... shows how much I know. This is an interesting interpretation of the characters, but I'm not sure why Daisy is the bowl. :question:

Supertails19 2 years ago.

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Daisy being the 'bowl' cracks me up xD And I like this concept! :D

flara 2 years ago.

Comment ID #56787

I would've thought Paulo would be the bowl over Daisy

Scarfy 2 years ago.

Comment ID #56788

Ha, Daisy is a bowl...

Paulo makes sense as the candy. Reminds me of the expression "man candy".

Mike, I dunno. Lucy is bitter, though.

NintendoSegaSonyGuy 2 years ago.

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Yeah, Lucy is totally the sweet one with her sunshine personality and helpfulness towards others.

jpark17 2 years ago.

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Daisy = Bowl

Of course! It all makes sense now

johnny_hurricane 1 year ago.

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Looks like I was a little too late to mention people'd probably bitch about how Mike and Lucy should swap places...

Killic33 1 year ago.