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Candybooru image #7823, tagged with Lucy


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Lucy ran off to Onomichi!
and apparently she's still sulking on roofs there.

*if others can upload things like screenshots of games this should be ok too xD
Anime: Kamichu. (it's a bit weird imo)

Lisa 2 years ago.

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Hah, she's even walking on her hind legs xD

Laufente 2 years ago.

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wahhh it seems like a good anime!

MimiChan 2 years ago.

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For the record, if a webcartoon/anime of BCB was ever made by anyone anywhere, it would be better than essentially every on-air TV drama there is.

Neospector 2 years ago.

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@neospector: that just calls for someone to make a crappy one just to prove you wrong. lol

Lisa 1 year ago.

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LisaCat: Like Maplestory?
If they made an anime now it would be amazing, but the first attempt...

Neospector 1 year ago.

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Maplestory had an anime?! wait- oh god I think I started to watch it but it was so bad I stopped or something I dunno the kid just seems familiar but I don't remember much xD

Lisa 1 year ago.

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on anothernote I took some more shots in case you want to see "lucy" beatup a cat trice her size http://lisasbasket.tumblr.com/image/56985673442

Lisa 1 year ago.

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only faved this because the comments are hilarious

cutiekiyomi 1 year ago.