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Candybooru image #7957, tagged with Lucy Mil_Faces_(Artist)


Comment ID #59050

She has sandy in her sites!

bluefox 2 years ago.

Comment ID #59054

"She took mike,
I took her life"

Pshyzo 2 years ago.

Comment ID #59055

This picture gives me an idea :D I like it :3

Kitkatlovespaulo 2 years ago.

Comment ID #59056

Reminds me of Katniss.

Sarababara 2 years ago.

Comment ID #59188

Holy ****. I love the idea of Lucy taking up something (like archery) to help her move along and give her something to do aaaaaaa

Yaschiri 1 year ago.

Comment ID #59404

- Remember when we did archery? That was so fun!
- ...Are you pretending to shoot me with an arrow? :unsure:
- Nothing gets past you, huh, Mike?

Sambo 1 year ago.