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Candybooru image #8053, tagged with AbbeyxDaisy AugustusxLucy Imp_(Artist) PauloxTess kittens


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And the legacy continues...i have to invest in drawing backgrounds sometime

imp 6 months ago.

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p.s these are just my favorite kitten designs (some)

imp 6 months ago.

Comment ID #59500

i meant of the kittens gosh darn it i'm bad at this

imp 6 months ago.

Comment ID #59502

That is some cute Tsundre action.

MobileCrusader 6 months ago.

Comment ID #59504

Something about the color art feels really odd to me, like as if the aspect ratio is all wrong...stretched.
Is that just me? <<
I really like the style otherwise though.

Geist 6 months ago.

Comment ID #59505

yup yup, i drew the colored one as its own bit saved it, then opened up a new drawing added it and stretched it (since i was already doodling the sketches you see on the side)
I'm still new to this uploading vs size capacity on candybooru (i have a bad habit of worrying over everything) so thats why it looks that way

imp 6 months ago.

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nevertheless, this is very cute! :D

Cavara 6 months ago.

Comment ID #59531

Lol Paulo gettin busy <3 XD

Anu 5 months ago.

Comment ID #59540

Oh gosh... this is so cute.... <3 Imp you are making me want to draw DaisyxAbbey and AugustxLucy kitten stuff!

GracefulSerenity 5 months ago.