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Candybooru image #8306, tagged with Adept-ex_(Artist) Molly


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she looks so cute x3
but the fact that it's a sketch and if you look at her face for a while her eyes look more like mollith and turn really creepy. I love her expression! haha

LisaCat89 3 months ago.

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I've been doing a revision of my old sketchbooks and notebooks, and I´ve found various BCB-related stuffs. By now, this sketch is the only one the enough presentable, the other ones needs some lineart re-marking and cleaning :/

Adept-eX 3 months ago.

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Man Molly's eyes are great here

Taeshi 3 months ago.

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DarknestOne 3 months ago.

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Thanks for the kind comments, guys :D

Adept-eX 3 months ago.

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nice. traditional art is always the best

kiki 3 months ago.

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Gosh, you’ve been around for a while, Adept-eX. This is an adorable drawing.

SuitCase 2 months ago.

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It's nice to be back, Suitcase! This isn't the only sketch I had. I've found various doodles while organizing my sketch dump folder
...Now, if I could finish them >.>;;

Adept-eX 2 months ago.