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i mean…. yes. Lucy isn’t perfect, she’s definitely dealt with Augustus as if his whole thing with Daisy was a joke for the Entire Time she’s known about it. she does, however, still treat him as though he’s a threat specifically to Daisy. i don’t really know! Lucy’s been Dishonest about her real feelings for most of her life as a sort of defense mechanism; she’s probably just Still Doing That. Or it could be the only way she can handle the idea of being so close with him – if she doesn’t turn it into a joke, it’d be something she’d have to hold against him, if that makes sense? IDK MAN…. I GUESS, TLDR; YEAH SHE’S HYPOCRITICAL FOR SUREthe thing is that neither is okay to joke about, but the fans interpret each in varying waysi don’t necessarily think that Lucy is being portrayed as having a good approach. just .. an approach. it’s up to the fans to interpret & be critical of how she’s doing it. 

Tumblr: bramblepaws May 11, 2018

Wait did Daisy say something like this to Lucy after Mike blew up? Or is it like, vestigial from back when Daisy used to badmouth Lucy all the time?

Tumblr: groundhogmartystu May 11, 2018

Tumblr image
Augustus with a flower crown! I couldn’t decide on either version because they both look pretty cute :3

Tumblr: dodger-blu May 12, 2018

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