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Veronica: Mike has attended the party in spirit

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this is defo an interesting ask!! i think that it’d be awkward as Abbey’s, mostly because of the common thread of Not Being On The Same Page. Mike’s completely aware of Daisy’s infatuation, and has made it clear Over and Over that he’s not interested at all. With Mike & Lucy, they’ve been mutually pining for a long time. They’ve each forgone stepping further into a relationship for various reasons, but it’s been really obvious on both ends for the majority of their friendship. So when Lucy said that she loved Mike, there was a chance that he still harbored feelings for her and would be equally interested. He Wasn’t, but it wasn’t unreasonable for her to think that way from her perspective at the time. With Daisy, there’s absolutely no grounds for her to believe that Mike’s interested in her. He’s rejected her a number of times by […]

Tumblr: bramblepaws October 16, 2018

(Live action bcb anon again) I just thought I’d add that Lucy was walking around the city where the wedding was taking place and ended up on a beach when Augustus showed up saying he didn’t want her to be alone in an unfamiliar place and she got SO happy when she saw him and it was so so cute. That part was all animated, but then it transitioned into live action. Also Augustus’s live action actor was short - like the same height as Lucy’s actor - and it was really really cuteholy cow…… The Dramathat sounds really cute though!!! i love the lucy/augustus interaction aw ;_;

Tumblr: bramblepaws October 15, 2018

Posted image     rachel, honey, please get that leafeon out of your mouth

Tumblr: shinynymphia October 13, 2018

Tumblr image
Inktober: “We don’t know how this happened oh god”
Lucy can’t believe he wore one of her brother’s stupid jackets on their date and is still annoyed that she LIKES him oh my god they practically promised each other this won’t happen what the fu-
Augustus is still in a state of shock that this is happening at all and ended up just taking her to the movies without checking what was playing first. They had to watch Fly Me To The Moon 3D. 

Tumblr: moonybadger October 12, 2018

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