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Author commentary

Veronica: “I mean, I got such a great track record with chicks!! Right???”

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related to the last anon i sent but not all bi ppl act the same either, idk i just don’t think we should expect paulo to be suddenly Wholesome and Totally Good when he’s never been that, he’s an idiot who ****s up and has to learn from it. paulo’s also very new at BEING bi and i don’t think he KNOWS how to act either?? so it’s just idk. idk. like i dont like that he did it but it doesn’t strike me as something he WOULDN’T do either paulo is dumb and has **** to work out like they all doi agree! it’s hard to watch because it’s SUCH a big negative stereotype and it’s never fun to see that in media, but like, i definitely feel like it’s in character. he’s a ******* and is Bad when it comes to boundaries, so this is v much in line with his personality 

Tumblr: bramblepaws November 18, 2018


Tumblr: bramblepaws November 18, 2018

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GAY PEOPLE! (applause)

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