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Witch Hunt — Page 13
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Veronica: OK OK, April Fool’s! We have updated the page above with the real one, Augustus a little more timid this time. Still another 27 pages to go! The joke page is uploaded to Candybooru. But let us not forget:

Volume Six now on sale

And not only is Volume Six on sale right NOW, we’re adding something new to the site every Friday in April! So come back Mondays AND Fridays, okay? (And maybe today at 8 PM EST. We’re not sure if Daisy’s actually dead yet, fools.)

Don’t forget: order Volume Six, get free US shipping! One week only!

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this page is so cute please continue with this content

Tumblr: miaaa-cs April 2, 2019

man every time i go in and re-analyze mike i am reminded how much i love him
he’s acting like garbo right now but That Wont Stop Me

Tumblr: bramblepaws March 27, 2019

Posted imageI saw this floating around and figured I’d do one too. Explanations/more in depth under cut bc long.S- CINNAMON ROLLS
While they’re not the most interesting to think about, they’re precious characters who I adore.
A+- The Most Interesting Characters
These are the characters I find most interesting to think about in terms of their personalities, relationships, and repercussions for the rest of the series. While this more applies to Lucy, I feel Sandy still belongs here for how strong the domino effect of how things are between her and Mike effects Mike and how that spreads to the rest of the cast. The main reason Mike is not here is bc of how he’s been acting since Lucy came back. 
A- While I don’t find them as interesting as […]

Tumblr: leonidas1754 March 26, 2019

Regarding High Expectations, I’d have a feeling Paulo had probably downplayed the whole thing so Daisy would not feel compelled to introduce herself into the status of Paulo’s friendships and how he maintains them, probably not to complicate her own friendship with Mike. Paulo had always been protective of her, and wouldnt want anything at risk of her happiness. At the same time Daisy was more concerned about Paulo given their friendship was just saved by a thread, it’s why she didn’t run after Mike, Sue did. Though, you can assume from that alone Mike probably stopped being ‘Mr Can Do No Wrong’, probably as far back as Volume 2The other thing I figure is at this point Daisy had been largely included to the idea of there being two sides to the story, which is why she confronted Paulo over the phone about how he treated Abbey, but not Mike about his […]

Tumblr: lacktastrophe March 26, 2019

i don’t even fucking post anymore but i’m losing my MIND DAISY

Tumblr: hauntcat March 26, 2019

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