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Witch Hunt — Page 18
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Veronica: PAULO NO…

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remember when some1 sent me an ask asking me to give the bcb characters their classes/aspects….WELL SINCE I GOT BACK INTO HOMESTUCK AND HAVE BEEN DOIN IT FOR MY OWN OCS, HERE I GO,
Lucy: Knight of Rage (or Void)
Mike: Bard of Breath
Paulo: Prince of Blood
Daisy: Page of Heart (or Light)
Abbey: Sylph of Hope
Augustus: Knight of Space (or Doom)
David: ??? of Void

Tumblr: bramblepaws May 1, 2019

imageThat’s all pretty much it! Mike is a story about a teenager who for a greater period of the comic is caught up needing to live up to expectations set by everyone else around him. Resulting in him feeling trapped and isolated at his own sacrifice. It starts seeming like it involves ‘dealing’ with Lucy, but it also becomes the established trend with how he presents himself across to Sandy, who is seemingly perfect in his world and he tries to resemble the same ‘perfect’ thing she took a liking to, causing him to keep quite a great deal from her to remain so. The resulting need to keep his actual feelings bottled up causes him to have larger freakouts than some of the other characters. So far, every one in the cast has met that at least once, […]

Tumblr: lacktastrophe May 1, 2019

paulo is eridan kin CONFIRMED,

Tumblr: bramblepaws May 1, 2019

I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WITH SANDYYYY!!!!! THE BUILDUP FOR THAT IS SO GOOD….also i wanna see how lucy and augustus do on the SAT’s

Tumblr: bramblepaws May 1, 2019

yes… poetic cinema… i love that situational irony Yea Fair…. i don’t see Paulo leaving Mike anytime soon after their recent bonding, and David Is In Love With Paulo but also doesn’t appear to have any strong loyalties to Mike himself. so i can definitely see him bouncing back and forth because he’s just that kind of dudeDaisy i’m less sure about. quite frankly i wasn’t expecting her outburst at all, so now i have No Clue what she’s gonna do from this point on. but she and Paulo are really close now, so i don’t see her DITCHING him… so actually scratch the first statement, i’m sure youre right. i’m hoping that she’ll be friends to Lucy and provide some sort of grounding influence for Mike because she isn’t 100% loyal to him anymore. ME EITHERRRR……. im honestly just stoked for. Everything. i’ve been loving this chapter a bunch, and i’m […]

Tumblr: bramblepaws May 1, 2019

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