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Witch Hunt — Page 32
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Oliver: And as a chaser this great PauloxDaisy content allow me to introduce you to MORE STUNNING DEVELOPMENTS IN BCB LAND: it’s Sandy on Instagram!

Yes, the real life Sandy, famous fashion model and ascendant social media star. Posting now for you. Please give her your support, because Paulo just chewed her out and she needs the clout to feel better. Visit @bcbcomic on Instagram and follow Sandy for all the inspirational stories and photos to come! I hear there’s a lot planned.

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https://askbcb.tumblr.com/post/128946115681yeah. i frankly don’t know where i’m at on how seriously we’re supposed to take the slapstick stuff. like….. everyone was hitting each other except forrrrrr Tess and Abbey and Augustus. their introduction was the beginning of the end of that era… and it seemed like some people moved out of said era quicker than others. but what’s the turning point that we’re supposed to focus on? was Daisy hitting Lucy to prevent her from saying something embarrassing to Mike bad or okay? was Mike yanking Paulo back by the tail to protect Lucy directly after the cheater stuff something bad? like so much of it isn’t covered, there’s a general theme of “hey we should take a closer look at these actions because they ARE not good” but i personally… feel like it should be […]

Tumblr: bramblepaws August 12, 2019

OOOOHHH THAT… is a really good point anon!!! i didn’t even think about it that way… it’s been very normal in my life to have friendships fade quickly, but Daisy *IS* constantly surrounded by people that have been friends since elementary school. so it probably DOES seem more normal to her… and probably makes her wonder even more if something’s wrong with her. BUT. i still think she should look around and be like “well these other friends clearly like me still, i’ve been friends with Mike and Lucy and Paulo and Davie since middle school and we’re all fine” (although definitely the first two are more ….. complex regarding their friendships with her. but still)

Tumblr: bramblepaws August 12, 2019

Miss Veronica if youre reading this I better see Sir Michael repping vape naysh the next page

Tumblr: candybooru August 13, 2019

Posted image

Tumblr: spirit-animal-sisters-official August 13, 2019

(cont) And you know? I think her Mike&Sandy obsession is the reason she has low-selfsteem issues: “oh no! The boy that I like loves only skinny girls!”, “oh no! My bff that I just only remembered because the guy I like is dating her, doesn’t remember me because she only hands out with skinny people!”, “oh no! My male-bff isn’t paying me attention anymore ‘cause he likes skinny girls too!” :V Maybe I’m being hard to a teenager, but I got more empathy towards Mike […]

Tumblr: lacktastrophe August 11, 2019

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