105. Witch Hunt, page posted 9/30/19

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Witch Hunt — Page 39
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Tumblr: bramblepaws September 30, 2019

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Tumblr: ryukodragon October 1, 2019

Happy Birthday!Posted image

Tumblr: wittle-woocy September 27, 2019

I love!!! These cats!!!Posted image

Tumblr: kazooiesart September 24, 2019

MMMM………….. this is such a like. tasty drama-filled way to look at it, i love it. but i personally think it’s like… a mix? like Sandy WAS a huge influence on how Mike interacted with other people from a very young age, but definitely Mike has his own idiot actions that contributed to the various issues. same with Lucy – Sandy coalesced many of the issues between Lucy & Mike into one point that was easy to identify/feel resentment towards, but there were things outside of Just Her. still, she has represented or caused many of the Breaking Points as it were

Tumblr: bramblepaws September 24, 2019

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