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Author commentary

Oliver: Attention!

Store closing for non-book sales on December 7

So listen to Mike: the BCB Store will close to all non-book orders this Saturday, and reopen in January. Place your orders right now for holiday delivery!

P.S. My beautiful Veronica has her birthday this Thursday! She is a shining light in this dark world and deserves virtual hugs and birthday cakes and love from all the readers who enjoy her work. Happy birthday Vero!

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Tumblr: sadboiz420 November 30, 2019

Posted imageDaisy knew about it and couldn’t work up the courage to tell Paulo off like she did about his treatment of Mike back in Happy hour. Priorities, right?
I agree in that it would be nice for Abbey to get further closure, Daisy only managed some during Moment’s apart and not enough before they were interrupted, Abbey only found himself being grilled further by Sue about it during the party than get anything close to fulfilled closure that afternoon.
I’d anticipate we’ll get it soon, otherwise Daisy’s going to continue seeing herself having a fret-ful junior year. He’s in most of her classes, I thought.

Tumblr: lacktastrophe November 27, 2019

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