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Veronica: Haley’s such a jerk lmaooooooo

News: Last call for the Bittersweet Club International Limited Gift Package offer! We are clearing out our inventory of membership cards and gifts as we transition the Club to a cheaper, electronic-only form! Join before midnight EST for your last ever chance to grab a real BCI membership card and the exclusive gifts we made for members!

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Posted imageGoodnight Lucy’s legs

Tumblr: kazooiesart April 27, 2020

Tumblr image
**repost because tumblr has been dumb to me lately and im not sure if it let me edit my post since it wasnt showing it**
remake of the uniform lucy since i hate how it looks
i decided to add the naked version of lucy in this but honestly? i prefer her (and the other characters) having clothes on.
HC time: because Augustus saved Lucy and **** i imagine her showing more of her maternal/caring side towards them, we’ve usually only seen that side of her when the pets were around but she def has that side to her. i dont think she’d be direct about it but she would do small things like let augustus’ head rest on her lap and ****. OTP!
my style makes these characters look WAY more awkward than they have to look, damn
im gonna have asks open for people to send in requests on what i should draw sooo anyone who sees this post, feel […]

Tumblr: auggiesennie April 23, 2020

I know he’s going through his own **** but I gotta admit there is some satisfaction in seeing his threats turn on him.

Tumblr: princecharmingtobe April 21, 2020

Tumblr image
remake of the uniform lucy since i hate how it looks

Tumblr: auggiesennie April 20, 2020

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