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Time Out — Page 13

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Veronica: i’m lucy

News: Streaming news! We pushed back the every-second-month draw stream one week so now it’s on Saturday, August 15. Join us on Patreon and you can vote on the mini-comic idea you like best! Oh, and they can read the next page, and comment on it, and those comments now appear on the BCB site once the page makes its public debut! It’s pretty cool.

Also streaming related: Veronica’s tablet is ONCE AGAIN in repair and she has been killing some time playing Animal Crossing and Skies of Arcadia on the BCB Twitch channel! You should follow it!

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #11988

oooooh i want to know what Lucy's thinking there!!!

bramblepaws August 3, 2020

Comment ID #11989

Abbeys going to pull something in the principals office that going to just get Paulo either suspended or a fuck ton of detention. All because he thinks Paulo wants to fuck Daisy. With 0 proof of that idea.

Fiver26_SJH Studios August 3, 2020

Comment ID #11990

Time for Paulo to let slip that Abbey choked him out during that principle's office visit.

Laura Yardeen August 3, 2020

Comment ID #11991

*london bridge by fergie voice* OH SHIT

Airy Frith August 3, 2020

Comment ID #11992

Abbey had it coming dog

Oliver Dixon August 3, 2020

Comment ID #11993

Oh sure NOW the teacher is paying attention. When Paulo is the one doing the hitting. Not when Paulo was bleeding from the attack of Mike in the lunch room or the other time Abbey hurt him :/

Comment ID #11994

Everyone looks shocked

Lucy: Oh boy, here we go again

Mr. Jupiter-Man August 3, 2020

Comment ID #11995

Well, this situation went from bad to worse real quick.

Comment ID #11996

*He we go again* The "saint" Abbey is going to go scot-free, while Paulo is going to be kicked out of the school.

HMan0199 August 3, 2020

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