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News: It kinda looks like we’re about to hit our next Patreon goal — 400 patrons and we can remove all ads forever! If you want to be part of the Monday-update crew that gets us over the line.. now’s your chance!

We posted this to tease you all for joining, if you didn’t see it already…

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #12154

Paulooooo!!! Oh my goodness, poor baby.

Comment ID #12155

Abby now realizes how easy he had it

Comment ID #12156


Krista Harris September 21, 2020

Comment ID #12157

Oh man I'll be so excited if this is taking us a step closer to my dream BCB ship: Paulo, Abbey, and Augustus learning to stop squabbling over girls and becoming friends through the common ground of all being members of the Shitty Parent(s) Brigade

Jordan Thompson September 21, 2020

Comment ID #12158

Server giving problems to anyone else?

Page doesn't load for me

On mobile, at least

No idea about desktop

Victor Kappel September 21, 2020

Comment ID #12159

Man how long has Paulo wanted to let THIS out?

Fiver26_SJH Studios September 21, 2020

Comment ID #12160

I bet forever

Victor Kappel September 21, 2020

Comment ID #12161

Well...this got dark really fast...

Comment ID #12162

Uh, yeah. Fuck you, Abbey

Chloe Fowler September 21, 2020

Comment ID #12163

Fanally managed to open the page (isnt working on firefox for android)

Man so much sad Polo

Only forgiving Taeshi for this if it ends up with Abbey seeing his mistakes and forgiving Polo

Maybe even hugging him.

Or if David pops up and punch Abbey

That works too


Victor Kappel September 21, 2020

Comment ID #12164

Just gonna take that heart here and give it a good stomp.

Steven Pope September 21, 2020

Comment ID #12165

I enjoy the evolution of Abbey's face over the last two, three pages as he goes from incensed and seeing Paulo literally only existing as the villain in his personal play in which he is the unappreciated hero, to "oh wait what? well still...", THEN to "oh -shit- man this hits something intimately relatable for me", and finally to like "oh fuck I had no idea and I feel so bad for this kid now"

Caramel Ankhy-Tahnk September 21, 2020

Comment ID #12166

Like some of that might be my own wishful thinking, but it really does look like throughout the course of Paulo dumping the contents of his life, that Abbey's opinion of him is forcefully evolving and growing to accept this is a real person struggling who he just has never bothered to /know/ before now.

Caramel Ankhy-Tahnk September 21, 2020

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