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Veronica: Paulo I’m pretty sure if you gave Abbey a concussion you’d have A LOT more to worry about, be glad your throw was weak as piss (according to Abbey)

The Bittersweet Candy Bowl Omnibus.

The beginning of the story, redrawn and remastered.

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #12259

Smug cat abbey is cute ngl

Nanos McCloud October 19, 2020

Comment ID #12260

Oh my gosh, Abbey's play teasing him!~

Vee Momo October 19, 2020

Comment ID #12261

OMG is this tolerance I see?

M. L. Scotland October 19, 2020

Comment ID #12262

HRHGHGHG im tearing up. i love them! i want them to be friends! this is so good! oh my god!

bramblepaws October 19, 2020

Comment ID #12263

huuuooohhhhgghh this made me feel an emotion

simplygastly October 19, 2020

Comment ID #12264

Daisy's face is very much conveying "HUH???" rn

Comment ID #12265

Its weird to feel proud of anthropomorphic teenage cats, but its happening anyways. Maybe this is what it will take for Mike/Lucy to realize communication is important? And I dont mean to each other really, just in their lives in general.

Fiver26_SJH Studios October 19, 2020

Comment ID #12266

Please tell me this means they are both going to start being nicer to each other lol its about time!!

Brittany ann October 19, 2020

Comment ID #12267

Abbey: You weak pathetic fool! (Mortal Kombat II reference)

Paulo: >:(

Abbey: :)

Comment ID #12268

I smell a bromance

Bridget Kelly October 19, 2020

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