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Veronica: HEY EVERYBODY!!!


.. Or is it? Some of you may find this sequence veryyyyyy familiar…

We’re flashing back to “Dinner Time”, a Bittersweet Club International member-exclusive chapter that takes place shortly before the events of December, a bit over a year prior to where we are in the story now. When Souppy and I were working on the omnibus, we thought this was a very valuable chapter to include as part of the canon story.

Back when BCI started out, there were a few times I would draw canonical stories that honestly deserved to be real chapters! It happened with “Another Trip” (Remade into “Escape Route”), and it’s happened with Dinner Time now. It took a bit of time to settle on the AUs that fill the members’ archive now.

I always regretted Dinner Time being trapped behind a paywall, because there’s a lot of Lucy’s mother here, a character who’s not often depicted. This chapter shows that she was certainly aware something was up with Lucy, but felt a bit powerless about how she should deal with it, as she didn’t want to smother.

This chapter isn’t just here because it was fully remade for the omnibus - it’s also an important lead-in to the NEXT chapter coming up. So consider this a fun treat from the Omnibus as well as a refresher-course on all things December-Mike-Lucy-related. I hope you enjoy it!!

(And to be honest, the fact I had to redraw all of Volume One AND draw a 19-page chapter IN COLOUR while carefully trying to imitate Volume Three’s style!?  You bet your ass I’m posting this to the site!!!! i’m dying here you guys, i’m all skin and bones)

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