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Eternal Flame — Page 15

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god what does a guy have to do around here to copy off some homework without having to deal with drama

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".....so is that a no..?"

Airy Frith March 12, 2021

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OOP— also there's something about paulo just casually cooking that is just so pure, I can't pinpoint it but it's a domestic vibe I don't think I've really seen, f in the chat though he needed homework help :'D

Comment ID #12918

"Oh shoot sorry Mike you must be driving through a tunnel, I'm losing you" *end call*

Jordan Thompson March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12919

Time for Paulo to be best boy and help his friend

Fiver26 March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12920

Paulo's such a good kid!! Cooking dinner for his family LIKE I love him sm

Comment ID #12921

I think it’s good Paulo is catching him when he’s weak. Maybe talk some sense into that ridiculous ‘relationship’

Silver-the-wyrm March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12922

It would have taken Mike something like two second to look at who was calling him before answering, and would have surely prevented him from this breakdown

Camelote March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12923

Paulo wearing an apron is oddly calming, like he looks very "motherly" and honestly it's a good look for him.

Blazing Wolf March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12924

😬 mike.......... yikes, uh, do you get that this isn't it, dude?

Chloe Fowler March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12925

Damn apron paulo lookin GOOD

ColorCrims0n March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12926

nooo come on!! Paulo is doing fine!! don't get him into another drama

Dayo Gonzales March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12927

Mike's losing it. What will he do now?

Friosis March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12928

Mike's crying because he couldn't believe it that Paulo forgot his worksheet.

Comment ID #12929

paulo can season his soup with mike's tears

pancake March 27, 2021

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