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Eternal Flame — Page 21

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Veronica: mike’s iconic fingers against his temple… are you really going to fingers-against-your-temple at sandy mike… you sure about this

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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This is where the thing happens

Comment ID #12989

"Actually, you didn't" ...It begins

Comment ID #12990

Mike: Good morning, Sandy!

Sandy: Yeah, it is a good morning there little man...it's four in the morning!!!!!!!!

Comment ID #12991

God fucking finally

ColorCrims0n March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12992

*palpatine voice* DO IT

Airy Frith March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12993

Is it finally time?? 🙊

Mearcyn March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12994

You know what? Hang up and do it by text.

Then block the number.

TinaRiva March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12995

Wow sandy really is a bad person hasnt talked to him in weeks and when she finally does shes rude because he woke her up hopefully this is the wake up call mike needs and he gets out of that relationship fast but with his track record he probably wont

Brittany ann March 27, 2021

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watisup777 March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12997

I love self-respecting and emotionally honest mike, I'm not 100% sure that's what we'll continue to get on the next page but I am delighted so far at least.

Caramel Ankhy-Tahnk March 27, 2021

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Bearcat0611 March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12999

I hope he breaks up with her and, although he won’t, try to get Paulo back but he might be done with him at this point

Comment ID #13000

Sandy does not like that young man 🥴 Even if you’re sleepy, damn girl you don’t miss your boyfriend? And how out of touch are you that you can’t remember you didn’t talk to him. Jeeze.

M. L. Scotland March 27, 2021

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Gahblaghle March 27, 2021

Comment ID #13002

Keep being honest, Mike!! Please don't waver! Tell her how you really feel, please!!

esinololly March 27, 2021

Comment ID #13003

Folks it's finally happening we've waited for this moment for YEARS

Comment ID #13004

And boom goes the dynamite. Lack of Communication is what breaks a relationship tenfold! Wow Sandy 👏 like Mike knows your schedule 🙄

Michelle March 27, 2021

Comment ID #13005

I love the expressions Mike is making on the final panels. You did a great job expressing the "I don't want to do this, but I am so done." look. Looking forward to the rest!

Ashura Atsu March 27, 2021

Comment ID #13006

Maishul, did you not get the email newsletter? For shame.

Benny Woolley March 27, 2021

Comment ID #13007

Ohhh the awkwardness of it all is killing me 😩

Comment ID #13008

THAT'S your response Sandy?? Really?? Wooooww. Just when I thought I could like her. But that was so rude and she lost mega girlfriend points for that (not that she had that many). Like, the guy is pouring his heart out to you and telling you how badly he has missed you and you don't even consider that an emergency?? Or at the very least ask if he's ok or what's wrong or anything?? Like, girl...🤚😑💢

PandaChick105 . March 27, 2021

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