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Veronica: Mutter mutter.

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Haha! Look at that folks, Lucy was there for Mike (who looks like a sad wreck) when Sandy left! I love this perspective from Lucy, it’s really quite the treat. From her view, she looks like the only normal person and everyone else is the weirdo, but then again who doesn’t see themselves as the only normal person when looking through their own lens (that’s right, we’re the weirdo in everyone else’s eyes and they’re the weirdo in our eyes…right?)
I still want to know why she’s irritated with Mike and why she’s just silent about it. Is she just waiting for Mike to ask her out or something? Holding out hope he does, but thinking he won’t? What a mess, but hey, it wouldn’t be interesting if it wasn’t.
You know, the more you think about it, those two are kind of cut out for each other. They’re so strange, emotional at times, and like to hide their emotions till they explode. Fortunately, Sue is there to keep things in check from time to time.

Blank On Purpose November 12, 2012, 12:41 AM EST.

Comment ID #232688

Hehe Lucy looks so tsundere while Michael cries, but she would have gladly paid to be there to “pick up the pieces”.
I love this retrospective Lucy is doing, but I wonder if it will end in denial as usual, or if Lucy is going to admit her feelings to herself at least. :D

Cavara November 12, 2012, 3:36 AM EST.

Comment ID #232708

I, for one, sympathize with Lucy here. I don’t think she’s being self-centered or anything. Basically, her entire life has been full of nothing but affection for Mike (as in “nothing-but-affection for Mike”, not “full of nothing except”), and he’s been too oblivious to know or care for most of it. She’s always been there for him, even after the whole Sandy thing. I don’t see these comics as complaining; I see it as a (I hate that there is no better word for it) bittersweet lament of her feelings for Mike; he means everything to her, but that’s what hurts her the most. And, unfortunately, Lucy doesn’t have a coping mechanism to deal with the pain, so she just dishes it right back at him, only making things worse.
In the end, it’s just an internal dialogue meant to show her pain and how her brain works (in a really realistic manner, I might add), so it doesn’t mean much to the actual plotline; it just thickens it.
< /defending Lucy rant>

Kimren November 12, 2012, 11:30 AM EST.

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