Casting Call — Page 7
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Author commentary

Veronica: BEE ARE BEE, BROS.


new incentive, pyoooooooo. And if you guys wanna ask me delightful questions, head on over to my Formspring. I wouldn’t mind some queries. While I’m at it, visit the (kinda) dying fanforum, the official forum will be up soon! AND CHECK THAT VOTING THING OUT JESUS YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING VOTING SO OFTEN BUT SOUPPY MADE SOME THING TO HELP YOU VOTE EVEN MORE.

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Reader comments

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Comment ID #2619

I see.

Hmhmhm...Schemes away!

Ghostly April 5, 2010, 2:33 AM EST.

Comment ID #2620

looks like sue isn’t happy things didn’t go her way, lucy’s in for an interesting visit

jmiles April 5, 2010, 2:33 AM EST.

Comment ID #2621

=) Heh, I hought something like this was going to happen. Its still a bit of a shocker though ^^

Anagha April 5, 2010, 2:40 AM EST.

Comment ID #2622

The drama teacher at my school would bitch out if she found out that someone was using the casting process in order to meddle with the lives of other people

Gabriel Kaxbe April 5, 2010, 2:55 AM EST.

Comment ID #2623

... Gee, I get the feeling somebody doesn’t know about the drama that happened recently... XD

J April 5, 2010, 2:59 AM EST.

Comment ID #2624

i take back my comment on the last comic, and @ J or she does and she wants them to make up.

Aeonera April 5, 2010, 3:39 AM EST.

Comment ID #2625

Heh, if it’s like it seems Sue is taking a road that will lead to much trouble... and probably of the physical pain variety. And poor Mike, he looks so flustered.

The new incentive continues to reaffirm Paulo as my hero.

x_uve April 5, 2010, 4:09 AM EST.

Comment ID #2626

Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Sue has two tails in that panel of her walking away?

Also, cripes Paulo, you ever hear of foreplay? I’da thought Tess would have taught ya about that by now.

Also also, just found this comic a couple days ago, and I gotta say the characters and dialog seem genuine and interesting, and I’m loving the expressive faces...more awkward and kissass praises at 11.

Quacksalver April 5, 2010, 5:01 AM EST.

Comment ID #2627

And here I thought Sue would keep her word and leave Lucy alone about the DRAMA :c

LOL that’s THEE BEST piece of Scrap EVER xD Kind of wish it had made it in the actual Chapeter (but I think it’s alright as it is xD;)

Chappetic-Marina April 5, 2010, 5:22 AM EST.

Comment ID #2628

All I can say right now is:


Milly April 5, 2010, 5:42 AM EST.

Comment ID #2629

if im not mistaken lucy is probably with paulo drinking those juices and sue is going to drag her *** to the play.

unknownfurry April 5, 2010, 7:18 AM EST.

Comment ID #2630

OH NOES Lucy its no time for your emoness! Get to the auditions NOW!

Andyfoxy April 5, 2010, 7:24 AM EST.

Comment ID #2631

heh heh in the top 40 and it was me that set off Taeshi making incentives to vote ^^ come on guys keep voting :D

also, yep u guys were right. Sue did want Lucy to go, or did she?...

Blaze April 5, 2010, 7:29 AM EST.

Comment ID #2632

Sue, Sue, Sue, you would know that Lucy, of all people, in a normal condition or not, wouldn’t go anywhere near this kind of thing. Ever.


DavCube April 5, 2010, 7:45 AM EST.

Comment ID #2633

Maybe she wants carter?

O April 5, 2010, 8:08 AM EST.

Comment ID #2634

Bad move Sue. You’re just gonna drive them further apart.

Jay April 5, 2010, 8:13 AM EST.

Comment ID #2635

youre right jay.this scheam is really going to backfire with unexpected resultes in the end and i mean after the play.
also wouldnt it be ironic for not to be lucy the one sue i looking for?

unknownfurry April 5, 2010, 8:22 AM EST.

Comment ID #2636

Holy crap, A FEW PAGES BACK I SAID! ” If this is going to be that predidctible i am going to leave this comic” :-O... I don’t want to but if this is going to happen how i predicted i will not leave the comic! it’s to good. but i have to do something so i prolly will have to comit sepuku :[

I don't hate you April 5, 2010, 8:28 AM EST.

Comment ID #2637

She’s looking for Carson.

SuitCase April 5, 2010, 8:31 AM EST.

Comment ID #2638

Oh and btw, i think tess and sue should be considered main characters. in fact tess has been more of a main character so far than abbey... and he is one of... THEM! please consider it becuase this is my one wish before i die.


I don't hate you April 5, 2010, 8:32 AM EST.

Comment ID #2639

lucy x micheal

please April 5, 2010, 8:35 AM EST.

Comment ID #2642

to quit the comic because of one plot point out of like dozens upcoming ones is p. stupid and silly tbqh

i mean chapter 55 has NOTHING to do with the play, so

just putting that out there

Taeshi April 5, 2010, 9:00 AM EST.

Comment ID #2643

I so called this on the last page. Well, not Sue storming out and going to look for Lucy, but I just know she’s looking for Lucy. :P If she isn’t, I shall be forever humiliated and emotionally scarred the rest of my natural life.

Sockboy April 5, 2010, 9:23 AM EST.

Comment ID #2645

Carson? I shouda known.

aaaaa Lucy in detention with Paulo for not doing hw? C;

Happy Easter, by the way. -throws love-

Amber April 5, 2010, 9:40 AM EST.

Comment ID #2646

Dang, Sue. Ragequit is never the answer.

Moddy Auld April 5, 2010, 9:41 AM EST.

Comment ID #2648

It was unexpectedly fun to listen to the comments on Text to Speech.

Colon D.

Megaket, C Colon April 5, 2010, 9:53 AM EST.

Comment ID #2649

Wait... Was I right? Is she trying to get Lucy into it with Michael?

Cuckoo April 5, 2010, 10:04 AM EST.

Comment ID #2650

I just want to say that this is by far one of the best web-comics I’ve read, great characters that makes the drama not only ok but intoxicated and addictive. I’m pulled in hair and all, and can’t stop reading.

On a side note:
I sort of relate to Mike, because I have a girlfriend sort of like Lucy. Boy is it tough. Totally irrelevant to you, or maybe it’s fun to know that people relate to your characters.

Anyhow keep up the good work

Robert April 5, 2010, 10:07 AM EST.

Comment ID #2651

Great drama best comic i’ve ever read it’s like you guys read minds and make the perfect fit.

Macian April 5, 2010, 10:30 AM EST.

Comment ID #2652

Other than Lucy, the only other girls are Tess and Daisy.
Lucy would be expected, but you never know exactly where it’s heading.
Silly Sue, no idea what drama occured the last few days...

Ved of Flames April 5, 2010, 10:42 AM EST.

Comment ID #2653

I was thinking maybe she did know, and this was her attempt at getting them together.

Cuckoo April 5, 2010, 11:18 AM EST.

Comment ID #2654

good thing this wasn’t the friday comic, way more mystery in this page as to what will happen next

jmiles April 5, 2010, 11:38 AM EST.

Comment ID #2655

Read the whole story through, and it was amazing!! Took two or three days, ‘cause my compy’s slow as molasses...Anyway, comic. Is she running off to go fetch Lucy for the female lead? If so, it’s a little obvious, but it’ll still make for a really sweet story. ^^

The only thing that comes to mind when I think about it, though, is the Romeo and Juliet chapter of Ranma 1/2. XD

Accursed April 5, 2010, 12:25 PM EST.

Comment ID #2656

Dont forget taeshi Paulos birthday is coming up this sixteen
so get a filler up for that day!!!!! XD :) :) also I think sue is going to convince lucy to join and like I fortold a fewdays ago. That mike and Lucy would be in the play toegehter!!!! :)

Mezmo April 5, 2010, 1:21 PM EST.

Comment ID #2657

Hey! This is like nepotism, except without the part where Sue and Lucy are related!

Knul April 5, 2010, 1:43 PM EST.

Comment ID #2658

But it’s ok, ‘cause no matter how bad their acting is, the whole audience will “D’AAAAWWW” at Lucy and Mike’s romantic scene on stage. ^^ Plus, if that fails, all Lucy has to do to appease the audience is belt out a song.

Accursed April 5, 2010, 1:51 PM EST.

Comment ID #2660

It’s kinda sad. I have not had any time to do anything for that forum, but it’s nice to know that it soon won’t be needed. :] Hope it helped get the fans together.

Also, I have an idea of who she’s looking for, but God forbid I’m right... I almost spelled “right” as “wright”. Too much Phoenix!! D’: But how I love that game.

SereneHeaven April 5, 2010, 2:53 PM EST.

Comment ID #2661

The play is getting VERY interesting...*chuckles*

ArceDeer April 5, 2010, 3:24 PM EST.

Comment ID #2662

Please don’t pick Katie.Please don’t pick Kaite.FOR THE LOVE GOD DON’T PICK THE ***** KATIE!!!!.....Heha sorry I just don’t want to see her bitchy face.I really hate her I mean did you see what she did to Daisy?What a bitch.

A.M.L. April 5, 2010, 4:12 PM EST.

Comment ID #2663

seems like Sue has a little plan for Lucy. -evil chuckles-
Paulos birthdays coming up! me and him have the same birthday on the sixteenth! Yeah! Can’t wait for the next page. Great work.

Teehee April 5, 2010, 4:13 PM EST.

Comment ID #2664

Let’s Mike X Lucy now. Poor Mike, no one ask for his opinion, lol

Ana (aka Knux-the-Killer) April 5, 2010, 4:56 PM EST.

Comment ID #2665

Man, we called this happening a couple pages ago. It doesn’t make it any less exciting though. :D

Glasses April 5, 2010, 6:05 PM EST.

Comment ID #2666

i know it bad to guess what will happen next but a sorta feel like something bigger is coming up and everyone will be way of scale surprised.

in other news; i would like to know whats hapening with the rest of the characters...

seems im the only one that cares(2nd person toughts).

dont want to write twice the same.

unknown furry & co. April 5, 2010, 6:19 PM EST.

Comment ID #2668

Fingers crossed she isn’t looking for Lucy.

On a related note I would be REALLY interested to see just what percentage of BCB’s readers support MikeXLucy and what percentage support MikeXSandy. Unless there is already such a poll out there?

MikeXLucy here.

Jay April 5, 2010, 7:13 PM EST.

Comment ID #2669

Shes looking for Lucy. There is no doubt.

Anyhow, if you really wanna poll, then you should get everyone to join the forum because that would be the easiest way to do a real poll

I, personally, am mikexlucy. I have never actually seen someone who was really for Sandy, so now is the time for those people to speak up I guess

Darkdrake April 5, 2010, 7:36 PM EST.

Comment ID #2670

I love predictable plots. :)

Maybe there will be a kissing scene.

Shadeol April 5, 2010, 8:23 PM EST.

Comment ID #2672

hmm, i wonder what paulo will get for his birthday?

jmiles April 5, 2010, 8:44 PM EST.

Comment ID #2673

@ Darkdrake

I’ve seen a few of those MikexSandy blasphemers posting on previous pages. (No offense blasphemers, but as a fanatic I do reserve the right to use that term XD)

Good idea w/ the forum too.

Jay April 5, 2010, 8:45 PM EST.

Comment ID #2681

I have yet to join the forums, but I will once I get back home from visiting colleges this week.

Personally, I support MikeXLucy. :)

Glasses April 5, 2010, 11:35 PM EST.

Comment ID #2684

If shes going to come up with a plot like using a play to bring together two friends,she could at least try to make it less obvious by at least not having the auditions for the female lead go on immediately after handing the male league over to her friend who doesn’t show any talent. o.o

Gray April 6, 2010, 1:20 AM EST.

Comment ID #2688

come on i love this comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i kneed more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meg April 6, 2010, 2:17 AM EST.

Comment ID #2689

can’t wait for it tomorrow

Meg April 6, 2010, 2:18 AM EST.

Comment ID #2693

Meh, this better be worth the wait. :|
I’m not digging the comic of casting for some GLEE or HSM stuff comic.
It feels like filler anime.

Hyper April 6, 2010, 12:06 PM EST.

Comment ID #2747

Please, please let the female lead be anyone BUT Lucy.
That’d just be...ugh.

Carma April 6, 2010, 4:18 PM EST.

Comment ID #2760

Worst. Thing. Ever. I caught up with the comics :( I read from the begining to know but I want to read more :( BLAST IT ALL! Still a good comic though :)

Phillip April 6, 2010, 4:53 PM EST.

Comment ID #2772

Yay I was voter 123 on comichovel

Xetch April 6, 2010, 5:27 PM EST.

Comment ID #2773

ghfdkjshfd It ate the rest of my post :C

Xetch April 6, 2010, 5:28 PM EST.

Comment ID #2780

can’t waitfor it!!!!!!!!!! its wensday

Meg April 6, 2010, 6:42 PM EST.

Comment ID #2785

wait ohhhhhh i’m in australia dose that make a difference cause its wednesday

Meg April 6, 2010, 9:06 PM EST.

Comment ID #2790

I can imagine someone coming out of nowhere to say “Giiiiirl, you crazeh,” to Sue. I would.

Yup Yup April 6, 2010, 10:59 PM EST.

Comment ID #2791

hey make the update already so everyone can see what i gotta say *laughs*

Bamith April 6, 2010, 11:03 PM EST.

Comment ID #2792

seriosly update the news whether you found out or not should get a few laughs, sides just means your comic is getting better known... aint sure if thats a great thing though...

its funny yet ero- April 6, 2010, 11:07 PM EST.

Comment ID #2793

For Australia, I found that it’s usually updated at night time, on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. So around 8-11pm depending on where you are. :)

Alison April 7, 2010, 12:34 AM EST.

Comment ID #5061

i see what you trying to do - Sue- you tricky cat you

chimney April 17, 2010, 11:56 AM EST.

Comment ID #5077

DUN DUN DUN! No Lucy! This could be bad!

WOW geek April 17, 2010, 12:25 PM EST.

Comment ID #7001

Lol that’s funny

Geo April 22, 2010, 3:51 AM EST.

Comment ID #10115

shes gunna get lucy i can tell

bored April 29, 2010, 1:03 AM EST.

Comment ID #24887

Oh shoot, Jess called Mike “green eyes”! Isn’t that what the gangster who beat him up called him?

Cuddle Bear May 20, 2010, 8:11 PM EST.

Comment ID #38292

So the show was rigged.

DL June 6, 2010, 3:28 PM EST.

Comment ID #62004

YES!!!!! I LOVES ME A GOOD MEDDLIN!!! :D Ma friend did something like this to me and ma friend (who happens to be a girl). Lets just say he regretted it for ‘bout a month (cause it worked :o)

Rant over. back to awesome comic ^^

Ahiru the Wolf July 21, 2010, 12:44 AM EST.

Comment ID #67567

don,t put lucy

j the fourth July 30, 2010, 1:15 PM EST.

Comment ID #70002

Hehe, I knew it.

Skykitsune August 5, 2010, 9:09 AM EST.

Comment ID #76953

I just realized something. Less clothing = more important character. You can determine how important most of the characters are by how little clothing they wear. n_n

kate August 16, 2010, 4:50 PM EST.

Comment ID #81830

I have a feeling she’s not looking for Lucy… Too obvious.

Then again, maybe Taeshi wanted to make it predictable…? [/Speculation]

Rawrd00d August 25, 2010, 5:47 PM EST.

Comment ID #82088

Mike is green eyes? …Now how on earth does Tess’s ex know he exists, much less have cause to destroy him…?

fortunamajor August 26, 2010, 5:41 AM EST.

Comment ID #101393

green eyes…i’ve heard that before.


Mr. Klaus October 6, 2010, 5:50 PM EST.

Comment ID #102263

Sue’s plan is pretty obvious by now…….

Tstriker1 October 8, 2010, 12:36 PM EST.

Comment ID #128848


SushiJaguar November 18, 2010, 3:46 AM EST.

Comment ID #140583

“She’s hot.” Physically.

Hoheh January 5, 2011, 4:00 PM EST.

Comment ID #158779

green eyes… has jess been taking lessons from final fantasy cat :/

Sethorien April 25, 2011, 7:52 PM EST.

Comment ID #161155

Do no other cats have Green Eyes? o.o It’s funny that he’s the only cat called taht….

Devin May 13, 2011, 3:08 AM EST.

Comment ID #162583


NintendoSegaSonyGuy May 21, 2011, 1:14 PM EST.

Comment ID #169232

If Jess is part of Augustus and Alejandro’s little gang I will be muy disappoint…

Doodleydoowop June 26, 2011, 5:57 PM EST.

Comment ID #174508

Sue totally ships Mike x Lucy. Hope it doesn’t end that way, though D:

lucy x paulo ftw

Flara July 27, 2011, 7:13 AM EST.

Comment ID #179477

Whoawhoawhoa wait a minute……green eyes?……….ahhh ****…..

Redneck August 30, 2011, 12:04 AM EST.

Comment ID #181801


Luigifan September 12, 2011, 8:22 PM EST.

Comment ID #218102

Why they keep calling him “green eyes”? XD

Husky June 3, 2012, 9:48 AM EST.

Comment ID #234485

Funny how almost no one mentioned anything about Jessica’s “she’s hot” comment to Katie. I guess it wasn’t really as noticeable as her “green eyes” comment. I’m beginning to wonder if that is a thing for everybody in Augustus’ grade. Jessica, Augustus, and Alejandro have called Mike green eyes, hmm I don’t see Jess joining up with these 2 anytime soon.

supertails19 December 20, 2012, 11:45 PM EST.

Comment ID #240619

>”she’s hot”

Someone’s batting for the other team :smirk: though we all know she digs Lucy.

Ket March 10, 2013, 7:13 PM EST.

Comment ID #298356

Woah, sue, ya look like you’ve blown a fuse or two there lass, and yes im australian 8-)

Korey May 1, 2015, 12:42 PM EST.

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