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Author commentary

Veronica: HEY GUYS

BCB forumregulars would have seen this page already so it might not come as much of a surprise, but I wanted to touch it up a bit with colours.. I’m sure it’s pretty obvious why it’s green <3 Also I remember when I first showed the drawing it was in terrible resolution and ****** photo-taking.. so yeah. And now it begins.


I love you

ANYONE GOING TO SMASH, IN SYDNEY THIS SATURDAY? Souppy and I are going. I’m gonna be cosplaying as Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles so look for a tired-looking girl wandering around looking tired with a big Souppy trying to put some BCB badges on my chest or something. He tried to do that at Supanova. It made me bad.

Second order of business, we are going to be changing our gallery section! Instead of sending me emails with your fanart, you can post it yourself at Candybooru It is for convenience and huge archives sake! No rule 34 though, you know where that goes.

I think that’s it! Friday will sure be eventful, oh my. HOPE YOU ENJOY THE SLOPPY

As warned, the quality of this page is bad because it was meant to be for incentive, but yeah. I want to work on the book.. so bear with me~! This is still an interesting alternate take on one of the biggest decisions ever. So yeah.

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Reader comments

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Comment ID #69396

Heh, this should be interesting. I’ve always adored alternate realities…this one may just be Paulo’s daydream, but it will still be a nice little trip down a path unexplored.

It’s a little odd how Paulo and Lucy look so cute together…and honestly, I have sort have wondered how this pairing might work out. Hypotheticals like this are always nice in a story where so much romance is involved~

Now if only we could switch Lucy with Mike…I MEAN, UMM—!!

Void August 4, 2010, 5:33 AM EST.

Comment ID #69669

No this is a flash forward. This is all going to happen after Yashy dies and Lucy finds out she’s pregnant with Zach’s baby after his surprise visit leads to a threesome between Lucy, Zach, and Amaya. She turns to Paulo again for his love and care, and he obliges, since Jasmine dumped him earlier that week for David’s sweet ***.

Or if that all sounds too unbelievable, simply reading the commentary on the first page and will answer your questions and clear everything up.

ToastyJester August 4, 2010, 5:52 PM EST.

Comment ID #181115

Ah, Paulo. You are a deep romantic at heart because you are a passionate kind of guy and love and passion cannot be separated.

You need proper role models. Men both very male and macho and yet also passionately emotional and deeply romantic.

North American culture is too stupidly homosocial and juvenile.

“You want to kiss a girl? Dude, that’s so gay!”

It’s a wonder the species continues.

Fruvous September 8, 2011, 8:34 AM EST.

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