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Author commentary

Veronica: New chapter, guys! Yay!!! I feel sorta bad because I initially wanted the weekday updates to begin today (Mainly as a reward for you guys making me win the Mix March Madness thing like seriously I can’t get over how that happened and I am still surprised and everything and thank you i love you) because I think this page is better off with the next page seen right away and I’m hella nervous about it, but whatchugonnado. I sorta ran out of time to be able to make enough buffer to survive May, so I guess you get a month of crazy ol’ cliffhangers with days between them. Of course, we’re still in line to start the five-days-a-week thing in June.

I’m gonna level with you guys, 2012-2013 was kind of an awkward bad time for me. I did imply multiple times on twitter and even in the page comments how I haven’t been in the best of mindsets. I was even diagnosed with BPD at the end of 2012 which sort of explained A LOT and I really am working on my emotions and trying to be better, one step at a time. Kind of sucks that no medication worked for me so I really just gotta.. deal with it.

But anyway the point I’m trying to make (I don’t wanna attract a pity party I’m sorry if it comes off that way) is that I really considered ending the comic in 2012 and was trying to think which chapter was good enough as a sudden ending. I was sick of it all, I was extremely upset and I didn’t think it was going anywhere (worrying that Souppy is putting all his effort behind.. a series that won’t pay off. This is our job, after all, so worrying about readership numbers staying at the same level for a year was a huge concern for me and admittedly still is), so when I was planning an ending I thought that this chapter was actually a “good enough” way to end it. It would leave a lot of questions unanswered, but it just felt like an ending. So yeah, if I was in a worse headspace and really didn’t think BCB was going anywhere, I woulda said this was the final chapter.

But I was given hope, I guess, so I do have to thank you all for the support. I know I’m a dumb whiny baby a lot of the time and I appear really ungrateful (“WHY DOESN’T ANYONE LIKE ME LET ME SAY THIS WHILE I GET TONS OF TWITTER MESSAGES A DAY ABOUT PEOPLE TELLING ME HOW THEY LIKE ME AND I GET NAGGED BY FRIENDS TO GET ON SKYPE BECAUSE THEY WANNA TALK TO ME”), but I really do thank you lots of the things you’ve done for me, whether it’s reading, donating or subscribing to BCI, visiting me at cons, being super cool, etc, and it’s because of that that Souppy and I are trying super hard to make this year really good for BCB, weekday schedule and moving to America and all

I do still worry like I wonder if I should start another story or make another story on the side, but yeah. Comic will continue until the actual proper ending that was intended, rather than just a warped crummy end. Show must go on!!!!

so anyway how about dem cats

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Reader comments

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Comment ID #244984

@Taeshi, as long as you are okay, getting better and won’t let the bad thoughts get you down hunny, then I can joyfully laugh at the silly jokes in the comics :3 screw pride, just want my number one fave comic artist to be happy :D

MedleyMoo May 6, 2013, 12:16 AM EST.

Comment ID #245038

Well, if there’s ever a time to say this, it’s now.

I seriously love this webcomic. I’ve been trying to find the cash to buy the books or at LEAST join BCI since last summer. (Not impressive to you long term fans I know, but this is about letting Taeshi and Suitcase know how much I appreciate their work.)

I’ve pestered all my friends to read it, reread it from the beginning three times and every Monday or Wednesday or Friday basically the first thing I do is fire up my laptop to check the new page.

@Taeshi You’re doing an amazing job with this. The story’s gripping, the characters make me love them and root for them even when they want conflicting things. (Most known example, in one chapter, even one page, I can be glad for Mike and Sandy, wish Lucy would give Paulo a chance, ache for Daisy, (though not of late, since I honestly believe her crush is dying. Not dead yet, but dying.) and long for Mike and Lucy to shut up and kiss already. XD) In summary, thank you for making this comic, sharing it, spending so much time on it and not giving up on it.

Jaebird May 6, 2013, 4:24 AM EST.

Comment ID #245132

@“****** and others who mentioned bipolar disorder:
No, Veronica has “Borderline Personality Disorder”, which is quite a different thing. I don’t even know of a good way to explain it, except to say that it often leads to destructive self-harming thoughts and behaviour, and there’s no good way to fix it. Wafflebutt’s comment is somewhat inspiring, though!

perhaps you should consider that only the pertinent parts of the play were highlighted? Many people couldn’t stand the indirect storytelling of the play in the last chapter, so it’s kinda funny to see those who wanted it to be more. If you wanted an excellent fantasy story-within-a-story, I suggest next time you pick one which isn’t written by a fictional 15-year-old. We wanted it to be true to Sue’s voice more than we cared for it to be an impressive story!

Ooh, just you wait and see!

Also, the supportive comments here are very sweet and Veronica appreciates them. For those of you scrounging up money, take heed of the last part of our news post! We would simply like it if more people posted reviews o the comic to forums and other things like that. Just to get the name out there a bit, no matter the context. That’s just as cool as buying stuff from the store, you know!

SuitCase May 7, 2013, 6:17 AM EST.

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