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Oliver: Hi everyone I am here in AMERICA and Vero and I are having fun and it is all very good and nice and we are still on holiday and going out to a cool place to eat tonight but please read the news post I wrote on the plane!

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Also, obviously, Daisy is going to interfere and send Rachel a bunch of flowers on behalf of Paulo. Let’s see if she appreciates that… I’m guessing it’s going to **** things up because Rachel will think Paulo is getting too attached to her.

Nice job breaking it, Future Daisy. :/

daft_inquisitor March 7, 2014, 1:13 PM EST.

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Honestly, I’m glad Lucy’s gone for awhile. With her gone for the time being, we can focus on the development of the other characters, their relationships, and friendships rather than her getting the lion’s share of the development. And when she does eventually return, it’ll be interesting to see the dynamic of how differently they interact.

Floweramon March 9, 2014, 12:15 PM EST.

Comment ID #276605

@Thackety: I don’t think Daisy expects Mike to drop everything for her at all and I don’t think she wants the world.

What Daisy wants is someone that prefers her over other girls, truly cares for her and that she can have a relationship with, a common wish for someone that always gets looked over for other girls that are ‘hotter’.

The problem though is that even though Abbey gave her those things, there still remained a question unanswered that left hope that makes her unable to let go of Mike. He has never answered the question of ‘why’ it is always someone else instead of her, and for as long as that remains unanswered, a hope will always linger at the back of her mind. And her self-esteem will likely remain crippled for quite a long time as well because she’ll still sometimes be questioning why she wasn’t good enough for him but Lucy and Sandy were.

Paulo is also just a close friend to her, which is why when wanting protection just in case, she asked him, even though it was awkward. If she had actually seen him otherwise, I doubt she’d have asked due to how awkward that would have been. She tends to rely on him when she really needs him, but I doubt she would ever really expect him to fall at her feet. She may have thought it could have been nice if he had a little romantic interest in her when she was in some of her lowest moods and being looked over repeatedly was getting to her, but I’m pretty sure she prefers having him as a friend.

And Abbey, she does truly care for. She supported him through some tough times and she has shown that she really likes him. It is just that Daisy’s position is difficult. How are you meant to force yourself to get over someone? There is no specific way to do so, and while Mike still has a hold on her in some way, they also can’t keep moving forward.

Daisy is essentially stuck in a situation where there is no fixed solution that will work. There aren’t any right moves visible. The only options left are taking a shot in the dark or doing nothing at all.

Moogle March 9, 2014, 12:32 PM EST.

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