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Author commentary

Veronica: Lily’s Tess guest comic continues! Here’s her commentary:

Tess has definitely been keeping up with everyone in Roseville. Daisy and Mike both have a special place in her heart and she makes sure to keep them updated on what college is like. I imagine Daisy is super interested in that...

Also!! Since people seem really confused by Tess’ fuss over expenses in this comic, I'd like to elaborate on why— her family's financial situation changed considerably over the recent year and they had to downsize. They pay her tuition and housing, but everything else is very tight. And even for financially secure people, city living can be very pricey!

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Okay so you know how taeshi once wrote a story of lucy as a magical girl? What if PAULO was a magical girl? Like i have always wanted a story where a boy becomes a magical girl and it helps him realize that he’s actually a she - a transwoman, both in costume and out.
And you know… i feel like Paulo would be perfect for that story bc of his/her internalized toxic masculinity issues, which would be revealed to come from her shame over being a woman in a body that traditionally has been viewed as exclusively male. And as the fic goes on paulo would make steps to transition outside of her magical girl transformation.
Like maybe her powers have a time limit and after narrowly defeating a monster of the week, paulo would detransform, only to find… David saw her. And by this point maybe she’s realized she is a girl and is ashamed she has to change like this and is bracing for david […]

Tumblr: sunshineladybugsawake August 13, 2017

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