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Candybooru image #10081, tagged with Abbey Daisy LetsBananas_(Artist) sketch


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If Paulo did get something for Daisy then I figure either of these could happen

If Daisy finds it she'll question Paulo as to why he didn't tell her and maybe find out what Abbey did?

If Abbey finds it he could either get rid of it or pretend he got it for her OR REALIZE PAULO ISN'T SO BAD AND THEY CAN ALL BE HAPPY. Either that or he could get mad thinking Paulo is trying to get Daisy into bed with him via gifts idk

or none of this could happen


LetsBananas on September 21, 2015.

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Yeah, I was thinking too, he bought something for Daisy, but I was thinking it was tickeds for something, and Daisy'll never see that show, or something....

ComicEmpress on September 21, 2015.