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Candybooru image #10188, tagged with Abbey Alamoraine_(Artist) Paulo


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Taeshi 6 years ago.

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protect abbey's smile :)

PickYerPoison 6 years ago.

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stuff like this is why I never liked paulo

Derrick751 6 years ago.

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love this, im so tired of him getting excessive hate for something thats at least been explained the entire time abbeys been in the cast. abbey may have gone too far but.... :/

plus everyone goes crazy over paulo having a crush on a guy. makes him INVINCIBLE to anything hes ever done in the history of ever, i guess

Jinx 6 years ago.

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No it doesn't. It doesn't excuse Paulo for the things he's done, but that doesn't mean that even the positive things he's doing should be seen in a bad light. He's still an ass, but he's slowly changing his ways and becoming a better person bit by bit.
Meanwhile, Abbey is jumping to conclusions and almost injured an innocent guy. Abbey hasn't changed. If anything, he's changing into something worse.

AshuraAtsu 6 years ago.

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at least abbey had a reason to give paulo hell, even if his execution was completely wrong. whats paulos reason for giving abbey hell since freshman year? cause abbey treated women like "fair maidens"? abbey is in the wrong for going after paulo, but he at least had a reason. paulo was just being a jerk, and when he started to grow out of it he never showed anything, he still slept around and pined over women while saying how in love he was with lucy. abbey only sees the worst in paulo cause paulo has only showed him the worst.

abbey is terrible for resorting to violence and for guarding daisy like he owns her, but paulo is bad too for giving him hell for so long and pretending it never happened. him telling abbey that his dead mom doesnt matter and him basically forcing him stick with a girl who doesnt even love him cant just be "water under the bridge"

Jinx 6 years ago.

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He physically assaulted Paulo; in order to coerce him into staying away from Daisy. Things turned out relatively (becuase they still turned out badly) well actually; Paulo could have resulted severely injured physically, and/or have developed a serious (he's currently afraid of Abbey) psychiatric disorder (trauma, PTSD, panic attacks, phobia, depression, etc).

Juan_Pablo 6 years ago.

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Everyyybody huuuurts


Mert 6 years ago.

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rattlerabbit 6 years ago.

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Too bad the only way was to beat the sense into a bully, since they won't listen. But hey! Maybe Paulo can learn to be who he was before middle school, and he and Abbey could be friends? Who knows?

staveshot 6 years ago.