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Candybooru image #10294, tagged with Box_(Artist) Jessica Rachel


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also i didn't tag this as rachelxjessica or anything bc YEAH
but i wanted to draw this bc i recently found out.. that i don't mind people hanging onto my arm and i wanted to draw it

Box 6 years ago.

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And well, I can understand that Jess would be super warm if she has that much floof on her.

SorenExplosions 6 years ago.

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NNNNNNNNNGH. It's too adorable.

Gnukko 6 years ago.

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Aaaaa Rachel is so cute ;____; I love the warm blush you gave onher, like I know it’s a blush of being cold rather than romance blush, Rachel and Jessica friendship is best ship

I like that Jessica is just casually looking at her phone, their personalities are pretty perfect in this hahahah. I love your purpley colour scheme ;__;!

hanging on arms feels good man

Taeshi 6 years ago.

Comment ID #68373

gosh Box Tae can't go giving everything you draw an excellent tag calm down with your art skills

LetsBananas 6 years ago.