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Inspired by today's page.

I am deeeeeeply disappointed in Paulo right now, the turd. D:<

Yaschiri 4 years ago.

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Well, he did basically have his best friend say he loves him if I took that right. So he isn't totally flipping out over nothing.

Not excusing Paulo's actions and words though. What he said wasn't right at all, but in all honesty, with how he's acted recently around Matt, this interaction was kinda expected.

SorenExplosions 4 years ago.

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I assume that Matt will set him straight in the coming pages. I have faith that Matt will be able to talk Paulo down from his rage. Also Paulo has always been prone to bursts of extreme emotion so I think things will calm down soon.

Nenekiri 4 years ago.

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@SorenExplosions: MM you make a fair point, I should have phrased it, "I flipped out needlessly" instead, because that was a needless flip out, like holy ****.

@Nenekiri: I SURE HOPE SO. BOY DO I HOPE SO. If not...I mean...Rachel is always good for putting Paulo in his place. >.>

Yaschiri 4 years ago.