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Candybooru image #10784, tagged with Background_Character Yaschiri_(Artist)


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I fell in love with the cat sayin "Shit" on the last panel od the latest page (as of still today lol).

I have so many questions. Is he pining after the jell-o cup Mike has? Is he admiring his ass? Did he forget his wallet???

I thought maybe it was the jell-o cup at first, hence why I drew him with it on his head.

I made up his tail style and the colour of his eyes. I also head canon that his name is also "Mike" and he secretly thinks of Mike as "the other Mike" or something lol.

IDK too much time went into this, though I like it a lot. U:

Yaschiri 5 years ago.

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HandSwords 5 years ago.

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Yaschiri 5 years ago.

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Me too, Yaschiri!

Tess 3 years ago.

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@Tess: Ye! :D

Yaschiri 3 years ago.