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I lied.

I had an urge to draw tears and this was practicing stuff. Also, the way Auggie's expression falls as he walks away from Abbey and Daisy in the latest page made my heart ache. So, sad Augustus.

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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As much as I like Augustus, I must say he screw everything this time

He could answer to Abbey : "Come on, Dude...I not seek fight. Drop it" and Abbey couldn't find reason to be angry on him

But no...he wanted to provoke him...probally cuz deep in his mind he want to show Daisy that Abbey is a psycho

Yet...Daisy grow enough to calm down Abbey in much more adult way

Alewita 3 years ago.

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@Alewita: Auggie provokes for a reaction, he likes getting a rise out of Abbey because it shows in some way, Abbey cares. Even if it's just that he'd care to punch Auggie in the nose, he still cares enough to react. No matter the attention, Augustus needs it and goes about getting it the wrong way. I think that's why it makes Augustus' face drop so rapidly because of Daisy telling Abbey he's not worth it.

Because he feels deep down that he really isn't worth it, especially not to Daisy any more.

Regardless, I still feel bad for Augustus. It cam't be helped. :<

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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You mean that he want to prove that he is not worth of her love and that Abbey is better?

Alewita 3 years ago.

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@Alewita: Perhaps a bit of that, a bit of him enjoying aggravating Abbey. Either way, he's going about it all the wrong way.

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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@Alewita @Yaschiri I think he provoked Abbie because he doesn't know how to interact with people in a way that isn't manipulating their emotions in some way; it seems his most earnest conversations so far were with Lucy and with her gone, he doesn't interact with anyone in a way that isn't a play of power.

Juan_Pablo 3 years ago.

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Sorry, but he seems to act like he want to provocate another fight

When Daisy calm down conlift and say to Abbey that Gussy is not worth of fight...she decide...that she not want blue birds like Paulo or Agustus...but she want to be with Abbey...
Of course I may be wrong

Alewita 3 years ago.

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@Juan_Pablo: I think it's that too, very much so. Regardless, he's got a lot of problems. :<

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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The thing that I realized about Augustus is that he's the only person in the comic who is truly alone and it made me feel sad and kinda bad for him ;_;

DaniYellAtU 3 years ago.