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Candybooru image #11049, tagged with Augustus BCB_Art_Meme Jessica Lucy Mike MikexPaulo Paulo PauloxLucy Rachel Tess coulro_(Artist)


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honestly i still dont know how to use this website despite reading over how to use it FOUR HUNDRED TIMES someone upload a tutorial on youtube or i will die

coulro 5 years ago.

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can i marry your style

Felox 5 years ago.

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I know that feeling, coulro. I stared at the upload button for at least fifteen minutes straight hoping my first upload would go as planned and not phuck up.

Loving your style though!

Waldo 5 years ago.

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paulo x lucy kisses. good.

SpaceMouse 5 years ago.

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My favorite is the introduction, lmfao. Best answer ever.

Yaschiri 5 years ago.