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Candybooru image #11232, tagged with Daisy Hair_Daisy leporibae_(Artist)


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lmao hey I made a thing? neat
I've been reading this comic for nearly 8 years now and I've been on and off in the community (mostly off whoops)... like I think I've had 3 different account names on Candybooru, please kill me
but yeah I'm just an annoying person so I've either been too scared to interact with anyone or my sensitive *** would get all upset when I didn't make friends or anything ;v; I'm sorry, I'm just idk
ANYWAY I hope to be a little more active here now that I'm more grown up (A FRESH NEW ADULT COMIN IN TO COLLEGE HOT), and I kinda owe it to the site to do my best to bring somethin to the table since it's been such an inspiration to me :'0 actually one of the things I remember from all my old posts was I'd get all kinds of inspirational comments from Taeshi (the ULTIMATE senpai tbh) and that drove me to keep tryin!
so here's a little redo of this thing I did: e_%28Artist%29
uh?? enjoy????? I'm so sorry I'm terrible at making comments lmAO

leporibae 2 years ago.

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ah ur style is so bubbly i love this

squigs 2 years ago.

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aaaa rly rly cute!!!

lullaby 2 years ago.

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I request more Daisy in your style pls.

Yaschiri 2 years ago.

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AAH thank you guys so much for the kind comments! ;-; and all three of you are such wonderful artists to boot, I'm yellin-
also I just. realized I forgot to color in some ruffles on her sleeves oh goD

leporibae 2 years ago.

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This... this is just super adorable. ;_; In both versions!! The colours are so soft and it's just lovely to look at in general!

Can I just say that I really, really love your style? I will never get over how cute Daisy is in that dress. Ever. :unsure:

Strawberryblossom 2 years ago.

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I am incredibly flattered and stunned that you think I'm a good artist, oh gosh, thank you that's hella kind-

Yaschiri 2 years ago.

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Daisy looks so beautiful with those glasses!
And the style! It's so cute!

Waldo 2 years ago.

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....She is wearing glasses, right?

Waldo 2 years ago.

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omg thANK YOU ALL (again) I'M YELLIN <333333
@Yaschiri don't be shy! it's just the truth >:3c
@Waldo ye don't worry, she is! in the 2016 one at least, I can't remember what I was doin in the 2013 one, it such a hot mess omg

leporibae 2 years ago.