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Candybooru image #11421, tagged with Augustus AugustusxAbbey Lucy comic kenketsu_(Artist)


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even in my alternate universe augustus is doomed when it comes to love
poor boy

Furious Abbey ;)

kenketsu 2 years ago.

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Squee. ;o;


Yaschiri 2 years ago.

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This is so cool...
Amazingly paced and drawn. Don't tell Taeshi, but it's as cool as the BCI comics (bit in your own personal style). Please, if you have any more stories in your head - make them happen! #^_^#

CR 2 years ago.

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i agree, this totally feels like a lil side story that could be in bci!

oh my gosh lovely work throughout this whole thing tho. i love how you kept the snarky dynamic between these two even after a serious revelation haha

Rory 2 years ago.