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Candybooru image #11527, tagged with Draw_Stream Paulo PauloxTess Taeshi_(Artist) Tess kittens


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That Kitten is adorable!

FluffyMoth 3 years ago.

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oh my god, the babby is cuter than I imagined!

ChewySmokey 3 years ago.

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Whoever requested this has my infinite gratitude.

Juan_Pablo 3 years ago.

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for everyone who doesn't know it:
TessxPaulo and kitten as AsunaxKirito and Yui.

turned out just like I always hoped it would =D

Jappo 3 years ago.

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I never thought of Paulo as the Kirito type, since he's more sexual, but this makes a little more sense than past iterations.

staveshot 3 years ago.

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Tinymike 2 years ago.

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i love the ship, but FREAKING SAO????

Lijana 2 years ago.