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Holy cow, this was a trial to complete!
But it's done! And it's really, really long! If you're totally okay with reading the ramblings of a fanatic (I tried my hardest to make it as objective/warily subjective as possible), or wanna see someone else's opinion on certain parts of Model Girlfriend, then please, check it out!
Also if this should be tagged as anything else then please go ahead and edit the tags, because I'm not 100% sure with this sort of thing. Thank you, and the link is in the source!

JayGamer 4 years ago.

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Kittens! ♡

Yaschiri 4 years ago.

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I disagree with the sentiments expressed here but this is very insightful and well written! I would look forward to it if you plan to make more chapter review type things.

Raku 4 years ago.