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Candybooru image #11836, tagged with Augustus AugustusxLucy IronZelly_(Artist) Lucy blood comic


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I ship it yet I worry the their relationship is only adding bullets to Toby's figurative gun. ;_;

IronZelly 4 years ago.

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oh my god Toby’s smile just makes me laugh, he’s all “8-) business as usual”

god poor augustus GODDDD

Taeshi 4 years ago.

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That's when Augustus realized that Lucy's idea was not only really bad and dangerous, but also really dumb as well. So he punched her in the face for coming up with such a foolish idea.
Cool drawing.

SCD 4 years ago.

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I like his poker face,it's like ow my god,were gona get destroyed.

Sunner 4 years ago.

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Good work. Crap pairing.

DLancer 4 years ago.

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Oh gosh thats brutal.

Lol Lucy, "But our otp! Just look at the past 3 weeks on Candybooru! We have a freakin squad!"

TravelPastel 4 years ago.

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Toby shouldn't get his hopes up. After all, Alej just found out the one person he trusted knew the whole time and kept quiet. Toby's next.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.