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sucker punch straight to the gut

comfit 2 years ago.

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Well deserved and expected, though.

You can't say that stuff to someone and expect them NOT to hate you, that's just a lack of realistic expectations and far too much optimistic dreaming.

Karma spares no one.

Like your art style, though. It reminds me of a slightly tweaked Box style. Kudos. ;)

Kinroth 2 years ago.

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mmmyeah i definitely agree with you - he needs to get kicked in the *** a little so he stops wallowing and starts accepting that he was ****** to her & he needs to like.. respect her and give her space.

i do feel bad for him tho - it's gotta feel awful to know that you were the cause of so much pain for someone else, and not really be able to make up for it in any way shape or form

thank you!! i was definitely inspired by some of box's work to make this piece - they do some reeaallyy great emotional works and i wanted to try out what they've been so successful at >:0 !! box...... is 2 good.

comfit 2 years ago.

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Ok we got over that page fast,I thought the community would be in the same position as during December,it kinda is but not so much.

Sunner 2 years ago.

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ah gahd i love this

isabelle 2 years ago.

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Mmm. Get it, Mike.

TravelPastel 2 years ago.

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i really like your style! it's very original and your lines and colors! it's very soft +___+ oh man and how you construct your faces A++

Box 2 years ago.

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@comfit, yeah I see what you mean. But at the same time, the dream sequence he had a few chapters ago made me think he doesn't really care all that much that he hurt her, but more so how it'll effect 'him' and his 'status'.

He's like someone who looks like a good guy at first, until you realize that he just wants to be viewed that way, rather than he really is.

I also agree with you on the making it up part. Once you dig the hole too deep, you can't climb out. Or, in this case, once you throw somebody far enough, you can no longer reach them from where you're standing.

So, let's see if Mike can change from where he is standing.. Doubtful, but it could happen... Even if I personally don't want it to. Because, what would that even mean then? Ya know?

Kinroth 2 years ago.

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@box !!!!!!! goodness gracious, thank you so much!!

@kinroth i think... he feels a mix of things. primarily self-focused, yes. being that much of a negative influence in someone else's life feels Awful, so he's probably mostly impacted by the guilt and like... the fact that it's hard to view himself as a "good person" when there's that kinda thing hanging over him. he's still working through his feelings on it - mostly, at the moment, he just wants to stop feeling bad. which is understandable, but not good.

and i mean..... he's a teenager. of course he wants to be viewed as a good person. other people's opinions of him is going to heavily effect how he views himself.

yeaaahhh, there's basically nothing he can do at this point other than let her know that he's sorry and give her as much space as he can. this isn't the sort of thing that will be forgiven easily if at all.

i wouldn't mind seeing lucy at least talk to him about it eventually. she definitely is the type to hold grudges (see: sandy) but i think it would be good for both of them to see exactly how much they hurt the other person. that being said, i dont think lucy needs to (or even should) completely forgive him for this; he took it waaaaay too far.

comfit 2 years ago.

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I bet he will later strike back with his jerkiness to make her feel horrible again like he always does. Cool picture though :D

EvilKitty3 2 years ago.

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@comfit This was nice. A little chat about a character, and our slightly different viewpoints on it. Helps widen the range of what we can see sometimes.

Also glad you weren't the type of person who would deny any fault of Mike, or ignore the facts, but rather find the solution to them.

I guess I would see it the same way if he wasn't such a hypocrite on so many of his points. It's like he gets frustrated with someone for something they done, when he does the same thing.

I don't know, maybe it's also because I had to deal with someone like him in real life, just replace Lucy with my sister, and the building with a gun.

Fortunately we stopped her, and she's doing alright now. But.. Let's just say I really don't like that person now, even after it's been 8 years.

That's probably why I view Mike really negatively. It just feels like he's lying to everyone to get ahead, especially with his "What did I-" when Paulo 'almost' told everyone what he did.

I've described it as 'having everyone under your thumb' before.

I mean, they are doubting themselves and thinking it was their fault, when he is standing right there with all the answers that would help them not doubt themselves.

He also seems like the type of person to do something, not because it was good to do, but because he expects something out of it. Like when he saved Lucy. Yet vise versa Lucy didn't expect anything out of it when she helped him, but just that he is okay being enough for her.

It just feels wrong..

Again, I don't know, I ramble. Long winded comments are sorta my thing, mostly because some thoughts take more than 500 characters to explain, and those thoughts link to other thoughts, etc. So, sorry.

Kinroth 2 years ago.

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@kinroth , i agree! it's nice to be able to talk like this nvn

i totally understand not liking him or thinking he's a good person for those reasons. being in that position sounds Awful. i'm glad to hear she's okay.

honestly, one of the things that i REALLY love about bcb is that everyone has widely differing opinions on the characters, mostly based on their own personal experiences lining up with one or another
i personally relate a Lot to him - i've never done this, but i have been in situations where someone else came out of it HATING me, for a perfectly valid reason, and it was really hard. I've also been in a position like his, where i've had friends mistreat me for a looooong time, and wanted to scream at them to just leave me alone too
so it's hard to not feel sympathy for him
i believe that he's a genuinely compassionate person, but he has a tendency to get wrapped up in himself (which i also relate to lol), which gets him into trouble a lot

yeah, i reeallly didn't like that part either. especially since everyone? already knew what he did? and he'd been THINKING about it the entire day, you could just see it in the way he acted. @ mike wyd

when did he expect something out of saving lucy? not doubting you, just unsure of which point in the comic ur talkin about :0

nah dude i'm honestly really enjoying the talk!! thanks for like... bein civil lol, i have had convos that weren't this nice / fun

comfit 2 years ago.

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@comfit. Oh, nobody but Paulo, Abbey, and Mike (Possibly Rachel) remember the events of Happy Hour. I think I read it on donde esta Lucy, Teashi confirmed it. (Regardless of how much I hate that)

Alright, him expecting stuff when doing something. It doesn't happen much, because he usually always gets something in return for being 'nice' except some times with Lucy.

One sec (Actually wouldn't matter because it'll only affect me) Gonna find some references.

Here, took less time than I thought.

Now, he makes some valid points (yada yada) IF these four pages also didn't happen.

He makes a point that she isn't 'grateful', but look at the first page of C45.

I know what you're thinking "But she didn't say thank you." And did she even need to to show she cared about him?

I mean, she cried in his arms, and even got mad that he risked his life for hers. You know what that says, right? That she holds his life higher than her own. That, in her mind, him risking his life for hers is stupid, and it baffled her to frustration that he did. I think that means a lot more than any 'thank you' she could give. But of course Mike doesn't see this.

So him originally thinking he isn't getting the 'thanks he deserves' is false. She just didn't do it word for word, but everything else shows clearly.

Now the last remaining links. in page 4 and 5 of C45, we see that Mike believes Lucy doesn't love her. And we KNOW that's why after this chapter, his mood goes to utter shite.

But then Page 13 of C51. The last thing's they said.

"I'm sure it was obvious..."

"... Yeah. It was."

So, the fact that she loved him was 'obvious' now (I thought about this specific thing for awhile, and I don't really see anything else they were referencing aside from her love for him)

So... What about what he told Zach? That was a lie? It doesn't matter? So the ENTIRETY of his crappy attitude after said chapter was all for naught, because he already knew.

If he already knew, then ALL of that bs drama was never even needed in the first place. Was it all just a cry for attention, and over dramatizing the situation?

It just, ugh.. There's so much more, so much more I can talk about the conflict and drama between Mike and Lucy, but it just takes a long time to write it all down in comprehensible detail.

I'm glad you're not getting tired of my ramblings. I was actually afraid of even coming back to this pic because my expectations on how you'll react was really low. So, I'm sorry about that. I just have it there so I wouldn't be disappointed, which I hate being, and have been far too many times.

However, a pleasant surprise is always nice. So thank you. :D

Kinroth 2 years ago.

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OH....... THAT..... explains a lot. jeez. i totally forgot that that might be an issue.

yeah, that's definitely fair. i think at that point it was more about him being so tired of her that her crying over him felt like one more thing he had to take care of, rather than her giving a ****. which was not great, but i also understand? i mean i've definitely gotten to that point in a friendship before - didn't want to interact with them at all, so literally EVERYTHING they did annoyed me (even if it was a nice thing or like... not annoying at all). Which like... he should've just talked to her & told her he didn't want to be friends anymore, and then left it alone. Possibly for the rest of forever, or possibly until he cooled down and could see her as a normal person (rather than "that clingy annoying person who only cares abt herself")

I agree!! that was like. really weird. the little "yeah, it was" has honestly never made sense to me after all of his raving about how she doesn't care about him. so that definitely like... doesn't work with all of his angry rantings about her.
idk if i'd say it was hypocritical though? i think he's just like... building up a whole bunch of bitterness, and he's mostly reacting to that. so even when he's the one in the wrong, he has a hard time noticing because of all of the bitterness storage? possibly?

OR it could've been something along the lines of like.... he knows that SHE thinks she loves him, but he's like "that's not REAL love, she's just like making her unhealthy attachment to me romantic. i'm not fckin goin there." which would be ******. like @ mike .... wyd.......

i totally get you! having to go back and look for evidence to like re-learn how u feel abt stuff takes forever too lol. i rly appreciate talking about this tho, it's definitely helping me think critically about my favorite character!! so thanks for that :3

aww no!!! i'd 100% let you know if i felt i didn't have anything left to say, but it wouldn't be because i was "tired of your ramblings" !! it'd just happen if i felt like you were right and i had nothing left to my defense lmaoo

i'm being honest when i say that i'm really enjoying this! *i* was worried that you wouldn't come back, haha.

comfit 2 years ago.

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@comfit. Wow, that means a lot actually..

I mean, I get the bitterness and stuff, but... It's from where it originates that I don't like.

It was completely self-projected, at least the majority of it was.

Even in December, the majority of the things he said were false, lies. (3 were true, while the other 13 were lies I believe.. Can't remember, it was around that ratio though)

And what's worse is that most of the things he called Lucy actually described himself, AND his relationship with Sandy. Which is absolutely being a hypocrite, mind you.

Similar to how he said that she pushes everyone else away, could be said about him and his obsession with Sandy.

I mean, despite his almost constant boasting about how great she is, the one time she comes over to visit, he is suddenly surprised, and based on expressions, annoyed that they want to meet her.

I mean it's like bragging about a cool new car you're about to get, and then getting annoyed when you can finally give it a spin and your friends want to see it. It makes no sense.

Also, I guess I'm not really like that and I have a hard time seeing logical sense in it. Finding someone (Especially a friend) annoying regardless of what they're doing. I mean, they usually have to try being annoying to annoy me, but I guess that's just my tolerance for it.

Actually, I'll post two links rather than rewriting it all. They're two comments I've made on facebook saying alot about them.

Now, it's still not everything, but it explains in detail a few of the main problems I have with them (With plenty of facts backing them up via comic pages)

It was awhile ago, and if he's your favorite character... well, not sure if you should or should not read them. AND, don't say you're like Mike or otherwise, because the more you relate try to relate to a character, the more defensive you may be to negative points on said character(even though thus far you've been awesome with this, I am unsure on how you'll react).

Oh yeah, and the reason why it's two comments instead of one is because I hit the character cap on facebook (Yep, it has a cap) so I split it into two comments.

Here they are (Using google URL shortener because facebook links are hella long):

Part 1.

Part 2.

Again, not saying this to you, or anyone else. Just Mike specifically, because regardless of how 'similar' he is to you, when you get past the mask, you're worlds apart. And that's a compliment.

Kinroth 2 years ago.

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Oh, and by "Not everything" I mean roughly 20% or so of 'everything'.

To note everything down would require going through the comic again,and making notes on everything so I can reference them later. A ton of work, tbh.

So, I'll just stick to what I can remember (Which I remember a lot of it) as it should suffice.

Kinroth 2 years ago.

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Also I love how some of my theories, even way back like 2 years ago, with how Lucy might turn out when (or if) she returns was correct for the most part.

And honestly, this version of what could have happened to her with the outcome of December is literally the best outcome out of the hundreds I've thought of. So I'm glad for that, even if it wasn't the most likely. (The most likely were either some semi-severe state of depression, or medication so she's "Happy". Glad it wasn't those, though.)

Kinroth 2 years ago.

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i mean yeah, he was definitely being hypocritical in that sense. but i don't think his problems with lucy were unfounded - she WAS mean to him, she kicked and hit and berated him a Lot, and she didn't really give any clear indication that she appreciated Mike (in a way that Mike understood and would've accepted, anyways)

yeah, i think that came from him wanting to hoard sandy to himself. he's like... really weird about her. i dont like their relationship lol, but i wont go into that rn because that's a whole other bag of worms.

ahh yeah, i get annoyed by people really easily generally. but i've definitely had one friend that i just diiiid not get along with. tried to break off the friendship, she straight up didn't let me not be friends with her. since then, everything she does has been annoying to me.

i appreciate the intention, but please don't tell me what to do lol. the thing about mike is that i really relate to him, which makes me more lenient towards him because i know where he's coming from. i'm only "defensive" of him if someone is throwing baseless insults at him - otherwise i can totally understand why people don't like him. he's got a lot of faults, but so do many of the characters. that's part of what makes em so good! different people relate to different characters, which allows for everyone to have differing opinions.

to your first fb comment:
yeah, he was absolutely terrible. there's literally nothing he can do to fix that. like i said earlier, "there's basically nothing he can do at this point other than let her know that he's sorry and give her as much space as he can."

i have many doubts that they'll ever be friends again tbh. there's just no way that he can come back from that in lucy's (or anyone's, probably) eyes.

to comment 2;
yeah, he's got... a lotta learning to do. he's not really a very good person rn.

yeah, i'm happy as to how her return has been handled as well! it's good stuff

just so ya know, i've got nothin else to add really after this, so i may not reply to the next one! all of your dislike of mike is completely understandable & all of of mike isn't going to change lol, so i probably won't have much else to say :0 he's terrible & i can understand that, but he's also the most relatable chara ive ever interacted with personally, and i love him

comfit 2 years ago.

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mike is A++++

Taeshi 2 years ago.

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@comfit, I understand, and I guess that whole relate thing came off strong, so I digress that point. I'm just personally tired of people comparing themselves to the characters of bcb, but then they turn out to be completely different to the character they 'relate' too. So I guess I took a little of that frustration out on you, so sorry about that.

Thanks for being understanding, and so I'll do the same for you, despite our differing opinions. Take care.

@Taeshi, Nah. :P

Kinroth 2 years ago.

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it's alright! i can get getting frustrated abt that, but like everyone has their own reasons for relating to dif characters. like im not Mike, but i've had a lotta experiences that he's had and i tend to project my own feelings etc on him (but i keep that in mind when i talk about him lol)

of course! thanks for the talk, it was fun!

@Taeshi hell yeah he is >:3

comfit 2 years ago.

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I am glad mike is finally dead

SpaceMouse 2 years ago.

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Self-hate is a nightmare. It doesn't care that you had no choice, or what would have happened if you acted differently, or that control was something you've never known even then. It sees a result and blames you, whether you were at fault or not. And you'll have no idea.

I'm actually scared for Mike. The rate of suicide for abuse victims is high, and the exact kind Mike went through is the highest. I hope the school puts wall guards on that roof, because doing so might just save Mike's life.

kamimatsu 2 years ago.

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this seems like a very serious comment section but :unsure: can i just say mike's legs be THICC

RadioactiveGasoline 1 year ago.