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Candybooru image #12107, tagged with Abbey David JayGamer_(Artist) Lucy Mike Molly Paulo Sue animated parody


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I decided to jump on the bandwagon that kit got kickstarted (kitstarted) and do an animatic as well - and every fandom needs at least a Salt & Pepper Diner animatic, so, enjoy!

JayGamer 1 year ago.

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Oh my god I love this! The expressions are amazing!

I approve of this new trend.

jeroenhd 1 year ago.

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That smug face nearing the 8 is ****ing beautiful,this is a renaissance,we have ascended to animatics,and im ecstatic.

Sunner 1 year ago.

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Awesome video, you did a excellent job on it.

SCD 1 year ago.

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Ahhhh I saw it this morning, I didn't realize it was yours!

PickYerPoison 1 year ago.

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What's new pussycat? Whoa oh...

AT 1 year ago.

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g o d b l e s s

yiffwave 1 year ago.

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kit 1 year ago.

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omg i love this hs

garb 1 year ago.

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THIS IS SO RAD I love the choices you made in characters!! Sue as the waitress was perfect and I really like the zoom in on Mike and Paulo!! VERY WELL-TIMED

I never heard this skit before so I enjoyed that too hahahaha, Mike and Lucy would totally be horrible like that lmao

GOD THAT ABBEY AND MOLLY SEQUENCE. JUST PERFECT. Freaken jittery Molly, the roles were so well-picked

Taeshi 1 year ago.

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I FRICKEN LOVE THIS i was just browsing youtube when i found it ages ago i didn't realise it was on the booru

SheJ_Grum 1 year ago.