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Candybooru image #12146, tagged with Box_(Artist) Paulo Rachel


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have i told you guys that i was a theatre(tech) kid in high school lmao

Box 4 years ago.

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Love the aura and ambient color,and more proof how much they fucked up their relationship.

Sunner 4 years ago.

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oh no her tail is tucked ;-;

SoulyCat 4 years ago.

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Box! You captured everything so PERFECTLY.
I have the feels with this one.
It really captures me T~T

TravelPastel 4 years ago.

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Ow yhea,just noticed her tail is tucked.

Sunner 4 years ago.

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Wasn't she the one who first banged him just to spite Tess in the first place? She literally used him to hurt another by abusing his libido.

I'm glad she didn't take this route of guilt-tripping him or anything, if she has feelings for him now then it's only her own fault for it. She made the deal in the first place.

However, your art is top notch and you can capture emotions really well like always. It's really nice, even if I don't fully agree with the sentiment behind it.

Kinroth 4 years ago.

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YESSS direct confrontation...both'a you kids gotta speak up about your feelings D:

even if they were never officially a couple it sucks that paulo basically avoids rachel now and never hangs around her, even as friends/fwb. they had a genuine connection

but oh my gosh i do love the emotions, and the detail with the tails. they tell so much about how the characters are feeling and i love that aspect of your drawings

Rory 4 years ago.

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Ah thank you guys for the kind comments! I think it's funny you guys think my art is emotional hahaha

Also kinroth, in Lucys birthday chapter, it was stated that it was Jessicaa idea to bang Paulo to spite Tess, I'm pretty sure Rachel liked Paulo cause of his looks or something? I can't remember exactly

Box 4 years ago.

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not to mention paulo got aggressively jealous at the idea of rachel having feelings for anybody else (before he knew matt was gay)!!

kit 4 years ago.

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also rather than the whole debate of like who's right in this situation, the reason why i drew this picture was because .. i don't really think there's a person who's "right" but i feel sorry for rachel because i think we've all been in her position where someone takes you for granted lmao

Box 4 years ago.

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Yas box fellow techie kid 8-D ur colors & poses are phenomenal I'm love w/ the emotion in this

invisibleColoration 4 years ago.

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I think you did a really good job of portraying that neither person is right in this, they've both got pretty legitimate reasons to feel the way they do - Rachel feeling neglected and Paulo feeling... trapped? I guess - and the way you pictured Rachel on the emotional offensive and Paulo on the crumbling defensive, it's so gooood they're both on pretty much even ground

JayGamer 4 years ago.

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This is amazing! It gets the feelings of both of them exactly right!
I love your art

jeroenhd 4 years ago.

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i really love how you have paulo's tail tip twitching, adds to his uncomfortable body position!

garb 4 years ago.

Comment ID #77835

aaa love the color choices

witchysnacks 4 years ago.

Comment ID #77853

The lighting remind me of Anakin and Obi-wan's duel on Mustafar
"You were supposed to bring balance to the story, not add more drama to it!"

Argon-Neon 4 years ago.

Comment ID #78227

I love the way the light comes from beneath the two. This is a very emotional piece in the lighting, their body and facial expressions, and the mood. Very well done overall. Gives me the straight up feels it does.

Jair 4 years ago.