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Candybooru image #12276, tagged with Jessica JessicaxSandyxTess Rose78_(Artist) Sandy Tess


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Okay, this is the most stupidest idea i've ever came up with. why did i draw this ?!?! its nearly impossible, Tess is gone forever now, Jess has a girlfriend and Sandy lives far away!! they are all the same height i think and i just realized Tess rhymes with Jess XD

Rose78 2 years ago.

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also, i did not have time to draw faces so it looks silly

Rose78 2 years ago.

Comment ID #78557

It looks great whether there are faces or not xD
I miss Tess T~T

TravelPastel 2 years ago.

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Oh, I know! They all put their clothes on backwards, done their hair backwards and put some bags under their shirts on their backs. Then they all stood for the picture! :D

That helps make it a lot less... Slender-esk.

Kinroth 2 years ago.

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Plot twist, all the BCB girls are the daughters of Slenderman.
Neat drawing.

SCD 2 years ago.

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To be honest, i think they are related to slenderman, geez they're sooooo friggin tall! and the fact that i didn't draw faces on them makes it look like they are the daughters of slenderman especially sandy since her face is white so it she looks more like slender. i forgot to conclude that sandy has mike to why its impossible, also i think i messed up on jessicas arm, too short or maybe her elbow is bending idk

Rose78 2 years ago.